ross, ky

ross, ky ross, ky
Taylor H. Berry Farm,
Indian Spring
Lemuel T. Pyle Farm,
Indian Spring
Indian Spring was an earlier named for Ross.  The C.& O. changed the name when the railroad first came through.


Scene at Ross


ross, ky ross, ky
The Ross Depot, 1937 Flood Martz Grove, Ross, 1945 flood


Martz Aerial

Aerial of Martz
From a Facebook post by the Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society


ross, ky ross, ky ross, ky ross, ky
Martz Playground Air Field, a.k.a. Boyer Field
From a Dave Newman post on Facebook
Martz Clubhouse in Ross
(with flood level indicators)
Martz Playground
Thanks to Patty Stanger Ludwig for
the  picture, taken by her Dad.


ross, ky ross, ky MArtz
Pool at Martz Grove, Ross, 1948 The Martz Playground pool,
 from Joyce Bedel posting on Facebook.
Paul J Kirst was the photographer.
unknown year


Ross Airport Ross Airport
  Airfield at Ross, Boyer Field
From a Facebook post by Buck Siebert

Campbell Frill Line

“Complaint had been received at the [Cincinnati Auto] Club headquarters that motorists had been molested by the county police on the road to Ross, Ky.  County Attorney Roger L. Neff said that he held a receipt issued by the constable to a Silver Grove man, who paid the officer $4.50 as alleged costs of court.” from Motour, August 1930.
“The name of Indian Springs was changed some years ago to the unromantic name of Ross, to which we understand quite a number of the residents of the vicinity objected.”Kentucky State Journal, January 24, 1889 Campbell  Co Rootsweb has some nice info on Ross, here.

Campbell Frill Line

ross, ky ross, ky ross, ky Ross
Lilwilson Place,
Ross, 1921
Lilwilson House
Lilwilson Place, Ross, 1921
 to Miss Leona Hatkamp, % Fechheimer
Bros Co, Cincinnati, Ohio. “I am having a
fine time.  Wish you were here. Edith”
Lilwilson Place,
Reception Hall

.The Lilwilson Home was later used as the Martz Playground Clubhouse, and the Martz family residence.

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