silver grove

Brent, Ky

River Road Past Railroad Yards, Silver Grove, Ky, a Harlan Hubbard painting, 1945


Silver Grove, Kentucky Silver Grove, Kentucky
C. & O.  Y.M.C.A, Silver Grove
Read more about it, here.
Silver Grove Baptist Church

The Baptist Church established.


Donald Hogan's History of Silver Grove Christian Church is here.


Silver Grove, Kentucky

The steamer Sprague docks at Silver Grove, January, 1918


Silver Grove Silver Grove Silver Grove

1964 Flood, 66 feet
from a Facebook post by Barbara Sparks Rawe

1937 (?) Flood
From a Facebook post by Jim Hedger
Built in 1927
From a Facebook post by Jim Black

Silver Grove High School

The 1924 school fire.

Silver Grove

Doc Elbert's, now Pelle's Cafe
From a Facebook post by Jim Black


Silver Grove

Rutschell's Grocery
3rd Street and Four Mile
From a Facebook post by Jim Black via Joe Pelle


Silver Grove Silver Grove
Nelson's Grocery Silver Grove Bakery


Camping Club

Campbell County Camping Club


Silver Grove, Kentucky Silver Grove

Silver Grove Fire Departments
on the right, l-r, Charlie Jones, Les Nelson, Bud Miller, Charlie Remley, Bo Graham, & Judge Willard
Thanks to Kelly Jones Schaefer for the ID's


The Behringer-Crawford Museum produced this nice history of Silver Grove.


“Steamboat men along the Ohio River have become attached to "Old Shep" a dog belonging to one of the government light tenders at Silver Grove, Ky.  Each evening during the navigation seasons, the dog, accompanied by its master, appears on the river bank, and taking the lanterns one by one in its mouth, places them in their proper position at the ends of the dikes, saving the keeper many steps.”  Popular Mechanics, August, 1925


Silver Grove, Kentucky

Infiltration Well and Pumping Plant, 1911


Ice Ice
Looking toward Ohio Looking toward Kentucky, with train
The Ice Gorge at Four Mile Bar, January 28, 1893. Four mile bar is a little downstream from Silver Grove, roughly at Brent.


Lock and Dam 36 Lock and Dam 36 Lock and Dam 36
Construction of Lock and Dam #36, 1922, near Brent/Coney Island. Finished picture below.


Silver Grove, Kentucky Silver Grove, Kentucky Silver Grove, Kentucky
Brent Depot, 1954 The Fairy Princess, Brent, 1971
That's John Laugherhead, piloting this
former WWII Landing Craft
Lock and Dam, Brent
More on the earlier series
of Ohio River locks and
dams is here.


Silver Grove, Kentucky

This is the 1945 flood.  River Downs in the foreground; Kentucky shore at the top of the pic.


A few words on the origins of Silver Grove, here. A 1956 article on the history of Silver Grove is here.
Silver Grove held up by “a pretty, eighteen-year-old girl, ultra-fashionably dressed.”
George Wilhelm, a former Newport postmaster, closed his drug store at 10th & Monmouth and moved to the corner of Twelve Mile and Four Mile Pike in Silver Grove in 1916. Silver Grove's excerpt from Mary Lee Caldwell's History of Education of Campbell County.
The Feds raid the Silver Grove Inn. Big cock fight in Silver Grove.
William K. Beall originally owned a tract of land called Beallmont, which according to this item, ran from Brent to Mentor, and six miles inland. At any rate, he kept a journal of his exploits in the War of 1812. The journal is about the War of 1812, not Beallmont. Nonetheless, here it is (pdf).


Train Station

Silver Grove, 1911


Silver Grove, Kentucky Silver Grove, Kentucky
An aerial view of Silver Grove,
Kentucky, 1937 flood
The extent of the 1937 Flood
in Silver Grove and Melbourne.
Isn't that a race track on the
west side of town?

An account of the 1937 Flood in Silver Grove, here.


Silver Grove
He was strong and hale and hearty, til he joined the picnic party,
and went gayly to the woodland one day on pleasure bent.
Now the doctors' lances hit him where the snakes and hornets hit him,
And they say his constitution is not worth a pewter cent.
Cincinnati Enquirer, June 4, 1893

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