Fort Thomas Reservoir Reservoir Newport Reservoir

The Reservoirs of Covington Water Works, Located in the Kentucky Highlands, left, 1903; right, c. 1910

Newport Reservoir, c. 1910

Water   Water
Locations   The Thalweg

The Fort Thomas side of the Ohio had intakes for three water systems, and reservoirs for two.
Why? Because that's where the thalweg is. An attempt to clarify.
Purple arrows are Covington; green, Newport; red, Cincinnati.

Fort Thomas Fort Thomas Fort Thomas Fort Thomas
The Covington Waterworks, 1914
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 of the pic - best available)
The Covington Reservoir,
Fort Thomas
The Covington Reservoir
Fort Thomas
The Reservoir in
Military Park


Tower Stegner's Fort Thomas Fort Thomas

The original Fort Thomas water reservoir.

Covington Reservoir

At the pump house,
c. 1920

Covington Water Works
 Pump House



A View of the Cincinnati pumping station


Fort Thomas Fort Thomas  

Fort Thomas


Fort Thomas

City Water Works in the Day and Night,
Cincinnati, Ohio, 1912. This is the Water
Works Intake Pier for the Cincinnati Waterworks.

Cincinnati Waterworks,
California, Ohio,  looking
across the river to Fort Thomas
And a close up - check
out the railroad tracks, 1907

Campbell Frill Line

Waterworks Waterworks
Railroad side Pier Construction
Waterworks Waterworks Waterworks
1904 Note steam engine on KY side Note the men on top. From a Facebook post by Bob Kent
Waterworks Waterworks Waterworks
Cincinnati Waterworks pumping station, on the Fort Thomas side, under construction, c. 1890.

The City of Cincinnati actually owns the Kentucky real estate that their pumping station is built upon.

Campbell Frill Line


Scene along along Alexandria Pike.
It should say Covington; not Newport.

Campbell Frill Line