Newport, Kentucky

Hillside View of Newport, looking easterly

 The building in the distance, on the hill, is Saint Martins Academy. You're looking mostly east, a little south.  The building was also known as the Thomas Laurens Jones Mansion. It was built by Mary Keturah Taylor, granddaughter of the founding father of Newport, James Taylor.  It was built in 1853.  When the Taylors passed on, it was sold to the Archdiocese of Covington, and served for years as a home for the Sisters of Divine Providence.  It's also been a school for girls, a convent, a home for working women, and a retirement home for women.  In 1975 it housed Vietnamese refugees.  It was sold in 1976, and razed to make way for K-Mart Aldi's. Progress . . .


Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky
Newport, 1907.  We've lost a lot of steeples in the last 100 years. Bird's Eye View of Newport


Newport, Ky

Newport in the foreground, 1850


Newport, Kentucky Newport Houses Newport, Kentucky
Newport, c. 1835
A painting by John  Caspar Wild
We're guessing 1820-1840. Note Newport Barracks Newport, 1848,
 from an engraving for
 the Gentleman's Magazine


Newport Newport Newport, Ky
An 1893 Harper's had this image of Cincinnati from Newport in 1812 Cincinnati from Newport, 1840. 1850's
From a Facebook post by Linda Kreindler



An 1850 painting by Robert S. Duncanson (Wikipedia)

A video from the Cincinnati Art Museum about the Duncanson painting above.


Aerial View

Aerial View, 1952





Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky
An engraving showing
 Newport in 1850
Newport, 1856,
from an engraving by Derby & Bradley
from Gleason's Pictorial Drawing
-Room Companion, April 16, 1853


Newport, Kentucky

That's the Purple People Bridge on the left, and the
Taylor-Southgate on the right.  Currently the site of the Newport Levee.




The Fill, before it was filled. Orient yourself by finding the Academy of Notre Dame of Providence on the far right.


Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky
Newport, 1943 In the 1948 Flood 1951


Manhattan Beach Newport Aerial

from New Cath

Flood Wall construction Note the steamboat in the background,
and the trolley turning up York
Looking South from New Cath, 1968, before I-471


Newport Aerial
In the background they're building what would be Vandiveer, then Schott, then Riverside Ford. The church is Immaculate Conception. Update: Thanks to Beth Fennell, who tells us “This is a meeting at the Wiedemann beer garden with Bert Combs to discuss funding for I 471 and 275.  My father, William A. Fennell Sr. is far left at the table in profile with his hand up.  That may be Lambert Hehl or Frank Benton Jr standing behind Bert Combs.  I also see Bud Pogue and Bud Houliston.”



From the Carew Tower, August 11, 1935
from a Facebook post by Bob Genheimer, of a photo by Fred W. Biermann


Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky
Aerial View of Newport Aerial View of Riverfront,


Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky

Aerial Views of Newport


Cote Brilliante Cote Brilliante

The Cote Brilliante neighborhood
Bob Coti, Photographer


Newport Aerial Newport Aerial Newport Aerial Newport, Ky
Riverside Ford/Post Office Pre-Levee Riverside Ford Our Lady of Providence /
I-471 Construction
Riverside's promotional line: “Riverside Ford, a block and a bridge from downtown.”
These Newport Aerials are all from 1989-1990's. Not old, but as our contributor/photographer Larry Stulz notes, already historic.

Newport, Kentucky

"Newport Travellodge, Third and York Streets, Newport, Kentucky, conveniently located only three minutes from the heart of downtown Cincinnati and a short walk across the Broadway Bridge to the new Riverfront Stadium and Coliseum.

"Newport Travellodge is air conditioned.  Has an outdoor swimming pool and color television,  Meeting and banquet rooms are available for receptions, business, or convention needs.  A cocktail lounge and restaurant is  part of this comfortable motel.

"For your next reservation phone (toll-free) 800-255-3050.  You'll enjoy your visit to Newport Travellodge."


Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky

Newport, 1996

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