Central Bridge
You may know it by the name of its replacement: the Taylor-Southgate Bridge

Central Bridge

The Central Bridge, from an old stereoview, circa 1890's.
The Central Bridge grand opening was on August 29, 1891


Central Bridge Central Bridge
Notice the bridge is still under construction, c. 1890.From a Facebook post by John Reusing “The Newport-Cincinnati Cantilever Bridge” in the ice, January 21, 1893


Central Bridge Central Bridge
Central Bridge The Central Bridge. 1945


Central Bridge Central Bridge
Construction on the Ohio Side
from a Facebook post by Brian Schlosser
Almost connected, 1893.
Note the water level on the opposite, Kentucky side of the river.
From a Facebook post by Pat Corcoran


Central Bridge Central Bridge
Maintenance crew on the Newport -Cincinnati Central Bridge, c. 1937.
Rear right is C. L. Craven, foreman.
Thanks to Roy Clements for this picture.
Central Bridge, then the Cincinnati-Newport Bridge. Which end? Taken on the day of the Grand Opening?
from a Facebook post by Vanishing Cincinnati


Manhattan Beach The L&N Bridge Ohio River Scene
Entering Newport c. 1930 River View, c. 1943


Central Bridge Dayton Folks
Central Bridge paintings by noted
 Covington artist Henry Farny.[Wikipedia] With and without bad colorization.


Hurley Central Bridge
The Central Bridge at night, by E. T. Hurley   Central Bridge at Night,
a sketch by E. T. Hurley, from a 1919 book
of sketches by Hurley, with texts by James Green.
You can read Green's text to this picture here.


Central Bridge Central Bridge Central Bridge
Despite what the card says, this is the Central Bridge Central Bridge, Connecting Newport and Cincinnati The Central Bridge, 1908 
Referred to on the card as the Broadway and Newport Bridge


Central Bridge Central Bridge
Island Queen head upriver under
 the Central Bridge, June, 1937
The Ohio end of
 the Central Bridge


Central Bridge

The “Central Railroad Bridge” on the Cincinnati side, c. 1895
But the Central was never a railroad bridge.


Central Bridge

The end of the Central Bridge. Story.


Central Bridge

Railroad Station on the Ohio end of the Central Bridge (to the right)
From a Facebook post by Cam Miller


Central Bridge Central Bridge
Central Bridge Data
 from the US Army, Chief of Engineers, 1934
Plaque on the current bridge


The Library of Congress has thirty-four pictures if the Central Bridge from 1968 at their web site.

Then Central Bridge was officially dedicated on August 28, 1891, but the grand opening, complete with parades, speeches and ceremonies, was on the 29th. The bridge had been open for a number of days at that point for pedestrians. The Enquirer's story on the 29th is here, and on the 30th is here.

The Cincinnati Enquirer's 1900 article on Ohio River bridges is here.