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Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky

Newport, c. 1907


Newport 4ooth

Newport Riverfront, June, 1921
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Celebrating the 400th year of Columbus' Discovery of America
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Newport Ferries Ferries

Newport, 1861. Newport Belle, a ferry, left;
unknown packet on the right.
Newport Ferry, c. 1880's
Newport Barracks can be seen in the two left hand images here.


Newport, Kentucky

L & N Bridge from Newport, a sketch by E. T. Hurley, from a 1919 book of sketches by Hurley, with texts by James Green. You can
read Green's text to this picture here.

Ferries Newport, Kentucky Ferry
The Ferry City of Newport, (left, May 10, 1888) The City of Newport ran well after the Suspension Bridge opened, but shut down on September 7, 1891, when the Central Bridge opened.  She later ended up being re-built as the wharf boat at Patriot, Indiana.  from the S&D Reflector, Summer, 1976


Coupon for Riding the ferry from Newport to Cincinnati


“The two sidewheel Cincinnati and Newport ferryboats will be sold at auction on the 10th of next month. Too many bridges at Cincinnati for the ferryboat business.” Inland Waterways Journal, April 1, 1893

“But $1,000 was offered for the two Newport ferryboats at auction at that place a day or two ago. Capt. John Williamson ordered the sale stopped, claiming that the machinery was worth at least $3000 as scrap iron.” Inland Waterways Journal, April 1, 1893

“When the Newport and Cincinnati Bridge [Central Bridge] was built and side-wheel ferryboats, City of Newport and City of Cincinnati, lost their usefulness and were sold. The machinery of both were removed and both were converted into wharf boats. The former is now doing service at Patriot, Ind., and the latter at Warsaw, Ky.”Inland Waterways Journal, December 29, 1894


Newport Wharves

Wharf Boats in Newport
We assume that's the ice of 1917, but are not certain.



The Louis A. Shirley at the Newport side of the Ohio
Note the courthouse bell tower and St. Paul's steeple, in back to the right.

Thin Water, 1896.

The rivermen were no fans of any of the Ohio river bridges.
Not of the Central (Taylor Southgate), nor of the L&N (Purple People)


Ohio river

1930. Note the shanty boats.
More on Shanty Boats at this site.
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Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky
Ice, 1940 Ohio River Scene, Newport Ohio River Scene, Newport Ohio River Scene, Newport


Newport ice

“To Miss Jessie Cox, Springfield, Mo., I am nearly frozen.”
postmarked Newport, January 1, 1910, 7:30 a.m.,
published by Ira N. Beam, 333 York Street

Campbell Frill Line

Radion Free Newport

Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky
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Martha Battistone Martin

Radio Station WNOP
  a.k.a., The Jazz Ark,  a.k.a., Radio Free Newport. More here.

Billboard ran an appreciation of WNOP in 1964, and an obituary in 2000.

Lou Rawls sings the WNOP sign-off version of the Star Spangled Banner



This image is from the 1964 Billboard article about WNOP reproduced above. If you look in the background, you can see the Carew Tower and the old Central Trust Building. Everything we know about WNOP says they were in a storefront on Monmouth, and moved to the river when things turned sour. We don't believe a person could get this view of Cincinnati by photographing a building on Monmouth. S0. Did WNOP have a different location at one time? Would they feed Billboard a ridiculous photo as a prank?

Campbell Frill Line

On the Ice
The Ice of 1977-1978


Big Mac Big Mac Big Mac
  Big Mac Construction
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Big Mac Bridge Newport The Big Mac Goes Up I-471
The Big Mac, 1971
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The Daniel Carter Beard Bridge, about which more at this site. But known to all as the Big Mac, for its golden arches. from a Jim Robb posting on Facebook   Looking South from the Ohio side. From a Facebook post by Kurt Hultquist



Looking from Newport

“The Cincinnati Atlas of the fifth says: “A large amount of counterfeit dimes and half dimes was found yesterdays morning in Newport, Ky., near the water's edge, a little below the ferry - about half a bushel in quantity.” Democratic Banner, November 27, 1848

The steamer Missouri was launched into the Ohio River at Newport. In 1819.


Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky
Looking South Looking East Looking South
Views of the east end of the flood wall, c. 1968


Vice President Alben Barkley dedicated the new floodwall in 1951, more here and here.



Newport Beach and Froggy's
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The Islands

The Islands
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Campbell Frill Line