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Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky
City Hall, Newport Jail and Courthouse City Hall, Newport Newport City Hall. 1909

 Newport, Kentucky
Public Library, Newport
Opened June 25, 1902

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An illustrated history book of the Newport Library has
recently been published.  Details are here.
A short history of the Newport
 Library is here. (pdf)

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Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky
The Old Newport Post Office US Post Office, Newport
November 5, 1914, Mrs. Hamilton, 203
Midland Avenue, Syracuse, NY. Am
Visiting here.  I find it a pretty little
place.  Mrs. Karl Reynolds


Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky
US Post Office, Newport, Dedicated February 1, 1901

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“Dr. Foster, the Newport (Ky.) Postmaster, who tore town a Union flag recently, has been fined twenty dollars for the offense. His counsel appealed.” Evansville (Ind.) Daily Journal, February 1, 1861
The List of Uncalled for Letters (“Gents, Ladies, and Germans”) at the Newport Post Office on June 2, 1883, is here. Amusing Courtroom exchange in Newport, in 1870, here.
“A little unpleasantness took place this morning in front of  the Post-office in which a prominent businessman of this city knocked down Frank Milich for calling him a d--n liar.  No arrests.” from the Kentucky State Journal, June 26, 1883
“Hon. Andrew Johnson [17th US President] spoke to an immense Union meeting at Newport, Ky., yesterday. Strong Union resolutions were adopted.” Brooklyn Daily Eagle, September 3, 1861

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Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky
The Old Campbell County Court
House built in 1801
Courthouse Court House in
the 1937 Flood


Newport's Beautiful Courthouse and Surroundings, 1892


Daily Commonwealth, July 11, 1883


Coourt House Campbell Court House


St. Bernard
  from the Morgan Stationary Co., Cincinnati  
Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky
Thanks to R. J. Yoder for
the above image!
Court House Court House Court House
Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky
Court House  
  Finally, one from the back. 1960's.

Court House, Newport. A brief article from 1916 on Newport's first court house and city building is here(pdf)

The Campbell County Court House was built in 1883-1884 and was designed by Cincinnati architect A. C. Nash (Wikipedia). The construction was plagued by the 1884 flood (71.1 feet), and a fire at the sawmill that supplied the lumber for the project.  A much more detailed account of the history of this building is found in the Jim Reis column in the Kentucky Post of July 26, 1999. It's 1884 opening is considered a credit to Newport.

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The Court had said clean up City Hall; they didn't.
Cincinnati Daily Commercial, August 10, 1864

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Both the Courthouse, and the Courthouse Area are on the National Register of Historic Places. Each is a pdf, and contain lots of images, history, and architectural details.
“Charles Erb was fined seven dollars and costs by Squire Clary for using language to provoke a breach of the peace on Mr. Grumley.  He will have a hearing Tuesday on  the charge of evading toll on the Covert Run Turnpike.”  from the Kentucky State Journal, July 7, 1883 
The story of a merciful grand jury of 1897 is here. Info on earlier Campbell Courts, here.
Newport established as an official city in 1795
The 1850 list of Newport's delinquent taxpayers is here.
“Cincinnati, Sept. 28, 1862.- The answer to the assertion that President Lincoln's late proclamations [ie the Emancipation Proclamation] can have no immediate effect, I learn from the Provost Marshall of Newport, Ky., that three fugitive slaves were set free in that city last Wednesday, having escaped from their masters in [Confederate General] Bragg's army, where they were acting as servants. They were brought before the Military Governor of the towns of Newport and Covington, who stating that his duty under the late proclamation was a clear one, provided them with “free papers,” and suffered them to “go their way,” - which they did, rejoicing.” Daily Evansville (Ind) Journal, October 4, 1862

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Newport Newport Newport, Kentucky
Newport Police Van Newport Waterworks, 1942

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“Cupid Invades Newport Jail. That steel bars and iron cells have no fears for Cupid was exemplified yesterday afternoon inside the grim confines of the Newport Jail, when with a motley array of prisoners as guests to the wedding of John, better known as“Jayhawker” Smith, an inmate of the jail, awaiting action by the grand jury on the charge of petty larceny, took Miss Rose Stegman as his bride. The ceremony was performed by Squire Theo. Gerding, and John, better known as “Mooneye” Mulvey, held on a charge of drunk and disorderly conduct, was best man.” Cincinnati Enquirer, January 2, 1915
“In the Newport (Ky.) Council, on Thursday night, the Jail Committee reported that they had discharged all the prisoners in the jail, four or five, in consequence of the city not having money enough to buy fuel to keep them warm.”  New York Times, February 3, 1857 “The papers tell us that all the prisoners in the gaol at Newport, Ky., were discharged lately, because the city treasurer had no money to buy fuel and the jailer feared they would freeze to death.” from the January, 1857 issue of The Journal of Prison Discipline and Philanthropy.


St. Bernard Newport Police
Newport Police Department
From a Facebook post by Bob Brown
  Newport Police, 1885
From a Facebook post by Roy Heizer


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City Manager

City Manager. His message to you is here (pdf).


City Auditor City of Newport City of Newport
City Auditor Newport Police Officers Newport Fire Department
City of Newport City of Newport City of Newport
City Council Public Works New Flood Wall
City of Newport City of Newport City of Newport
The Pumphouse Inside the Pumphouse Inside the Pumphouse
This set of images is from Municipal Digest, City of Newport : A Decade of Activities. Published in 1947, it gives an overview of the recent accomplishments of the city.

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