newport railroads
The C & O and the L & N Railroads

Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky
L&N and C&O Depot,
Newport, c. 1910
C&O tracks, looking west
L&N and C&O Depot,
Newport, c. 1910
Looking East down C&O track
L&N track to the left, behind the depot
L&N and C&O Depot,
Newport, circa 1945

The Short Line's (L&N's) schedule from April, 1879.


L&N Depot

Location of Newport Depot



The Wagon Wheel Bridge
note Mt. St. Martin's on the hill to the right, and Dorsel's Flour, straight ahead.
from a Facebook post by Sam Routzon


Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky NX Tower
c. 1910 c. 1945 c. 1936

C & O Depot, Newport, looking west

The tall building is Wiedemann's malt house (A malt house is a building where cereal grain is converted into malt by soaking it in water, allowing it to sprout, and then drying it to stop further growth. ).The two story railroad building is NX Tower. The tower houses the man operating the switches. It's two story not for improved vision, but because that's how high a switching tower had to be to accommodate the switching equipment. Note the Monmouth underpass in the center image.


Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky
An EMD SD-38 from the Toledo,
Detroit and Ironton Railroad
heads south on Saratoga
on August 2, 1981.
Westbound Amtrak #51
passes the C&O Station in
Newport, September 19, 1981
Heading south on Saratoga,
from Cincinnati to Silver
Grove, August 22, 1981

All three of these great Newport scenes are copyrighted photos by Don Faris. 
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Coming off the L&N Bridge going south on Saratoga
From a Facebook post by Will Lack


Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky
C&O Depot, 1983 Along the C. & O. in Newport
The L&N is to the far right
Newport Freight Depot
circa 1950's; looking west


Newport, Kentucky

A passenger train at the Newport Depot


Ike Newport, Kentucky
The Funeral Train of Pres. Dwight Eisenhower came thru Newport on April 1, 1969
left, from a Facebook post by Shirley Turner


Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky
On the L&N in the Finchtown
section of Newport, 1913
The C & O comes
thru Newport
L & N Locomotive in Newport



Back when the railroad ran down Saratoga Street, L&N maintained a
freight depot between 5th and 6th.

Campbell Frill Line

The 1914 Louisville & Nashville Shippers' Guide had this listing for Newport.

“The Short-Line Railroad [L&N] has been completed to Constans' Brewery, on the
Alexandria Pike, and a construction train ran to that point yesterday.” from the Cincinnati Daily Enquirer, June 23, 1871
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