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“Landed at Columbia [Columbia/Tusculum neighborhood of Cincinnati], Mar. 15, 1790.  People had made a settlement there the year before. Went back in June, about middle.  The spring I came down. Covalt’s Station, near Milford [actually, now Terrace Park], was settled.  1791 came down again.  Hubbard Taylor, bro. to Genl. Taylor, of Newport, now of Bourbon [County, KY], if living, was agent for his father in Virginia, and laid off a town at Newport this summer.  There were one or two plank shanties; but I built the 1st house that was built there – this spring.  It was pretty early.  Lived in Newport till 1797, March.  I then moved up within a mile of Deerfields.” Capt. Nath. Kelly, interviewed in the Draper Papers,  13CC46.


Newport High

James Taylor auctions off some town lots in Newport. In 1795.
from the Kentucky Gazette, August 15, 1795

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Taylor Home Taylor Home
James Taylor Mansion
From a Facebook post by Will Lack
James Taylor Mansion
A 1976 tour of the General James Taylor mansion, Bellevue, is here. (pdf) (It's not in Bellevue; it's name is Bellevue.)


Mt. St. MArtisn Newport Houses Newport, Kentucky St. Martins

from a Facebook Post by Patty Stanger Ludwig
    a sketch by Caroline Williams
Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky

St. Martin's Convent
Torn down to build a K-Mart.
Tour of Mount St. Martin's, 1976, is here.  (pdf) 

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Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky virginia flats
Smith Flats, Newport Colonial Flats, Newport, KY, 1910.
(That's Monmouth coming downhill from the left, Third St. going to the right)
Virginia Flats, 3rd and Washington


Linden St. Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky

Linden, c. 1910
Looking north at 7th &
Linden, c. 1910
Corner of 3rd and
Washington Avenue
Park Avenue, North,
from 8th Street


Newport, Kentucky

Between 6th and 7th west side Newport, 1902


Newport, Kentucky



Alhambra Flats, Newport 
The Alhambra was at 25 E 3rd Street
 in Newport.   There's an aquarium, and more,
at that location these days.
The Alhambra burned in February, 1958

Newport, Kentucky Funeral Home Newport, Kentucky
Leon Lippert at his home at 658 Nelson Place
 Copyrighted image  used through the cooperation
 of the Art Leaf  Publishing Company
Fourth and Park, 1937 Grand Avenue,
circa 1980


Monroe Street scheibly
Monroe Street, c. 1910
”x” marks Rev Schaefer's House, 805 Monroe Street
John Scheibly House
329 Washington
Scheibly was a Newport boiler manufacturer


There are several Newport houses, or neighborhoods on the National Register of Historic Places. You'll find each one contains lots of images, history, and architectural details. Each is a pdf.

Cote Brilliante Neighborhood Parker/Southgate/Maddux House
Posey Flats James Taylor Home
Mansion Hill Area East Newport Historic District, 1983
Sauer House, on Central Avenue East Newport Historic District, 1987


Newport Houses Newport Houses
Thanks to Brian Malone for research that indicates these were likely on Lexington Avenue in Newport, on the eastern portion that was taken out by I-471.


Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky
Maple Avenue, Newport, April, 1913 Maple Avenue, Newport, c. 1910

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“Complaints from residents of Monmouth, in Newport, to the City Commissioners relative to a number of monkeys being at large on that thoroughfare, has been turned over to the Newport police, and they are investigating.  It is said that three of four large monkeys are being trained for show purposes by a showman on Orchard St., and that he allows them their freedom.  It is said the monkeys climb about the houses, and, appearing suddenly at windows, have caused women hysteria.”  Kentucky Post - August 6, 1913

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Newport, Ky

East 10th and Saratoga
From a Facebook post by Kevin Marsh


Southgate House

The Southgate House


Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky
Nelson Place Faber Home Fifth Avenue and Park

In 1919, the Bauer Estate, at Third and Central, was the oldest house in Newport.



1345 Grand was the home of Frank and Goldie Benjey, where Grand Towers sits today.
from a Facebook post by Bev Achzehner Harber

Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky

Park Avenue, Newport, 1912

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“July 23, 1862 - Several 'secesh' houses in Newport searched, and the following rebel music found and seized:  John Morgan's Schottische, Jeff. Davis March, Beauregard's March, Bonnie Blue Flag, Southern Marseillaise," and Maryland My Maryland.from Collins' History of Kentucky

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