newport steel mills

Newport, Kentucky

The Hartsfeld Smelting Furnace
Newport, Kentucky

Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky
Aerials of Newport Steel Newport Steel's other location was this
blast furnace in Martin's Ferry, Ohio


Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky

Aerial Views of Newport Steel
left, 1951; right, 1966
The story that went with the 1951 picture is here.

Andrews Newport, Kentucky


The Andrews Steel Mill Layout

To get an indiction of the size of this giant steel mill, locate the offices HAL-PE Associates in the current map, indicted with a red arrow. You can find that same building in the 1951 aerial view above. We think it's a pretty dramatic indiction of the steel mill's size.


1913 Flood mill
In the 1913 Flood Licking Rolling Mill


Licking Roller Mill Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky
Licking Roller Mill, 1905 1908 1926


Newport Rolling Mill Letterhead
Note the World-wide offices listed on the 1926 item


Newport, Kentucky Interlake Steel

The Charles R. Hook, of the American Rolling Mill in Newport

Yard switcher at Interlake Steel


Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky
The Andrews Steel Company began as The Globe Iron Roofing and Corrugating Co., established by brothers J. A. Andrews and A. L. Andrews, on the public landing in Cincinnati (above). They bought the Swift Iron and Steel Co in Newport in 1890; formed Andrews Steel in 1908; and the Newport Culvert Company in 1919. The ad is from 1923.


Mill Output Mill Output Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky
Finished Product Newport Rolling Mill The Andrews Steel Co.
    Thanks to Karl Litzenmayer for these two.


Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky
The Andrews Steel Plant (top) and The Andrews Rolling Mill (bottom) Newport Rolling Mill on the Licking River

3,000 people were employed here.
read a little more about Andrews here.

...and a less flattering moment for J. A. Andrews is here.

The mill in Wilder has been Swift, Andrews, Interlake and now as Newport Steel.


Newport, Kentucky

Interior, Newport Steel, 1955


Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky Newport, Kentucky
As long as they had a
tank in town, they took
out some stills, too.
February 21, 1922
Patrolling the streets to
quell the riots at the Newport
Rolling Mills, February 4, 1922
Guards during the riots,
February 4, 1922
  Thanks to Carol Hudson for the picture on the right, and the catalog below.

Thanks to Thurman Wenzl for sending us this, the story of labor strife and unions in Newport's steel mills.

Campbell Frill Line

You can view an early catalog of the products of Newport Steel, here.

Campbell Frill Line

“The Gaylord Iron and Pipe Company have finally purchased the Wolf Rolling-mill property,
in Newport, for the sum of $51,975. This is said to be the finest piece of property for manufacturing
purposes in the city.” Courier-Journal, April 29, 1873


Newport Steel
Ad from the 1889 Chemical Trade Journal

An earlier, 1855, ad for railroad “tyres”is here.


“CINCINNATI, Ohio, Aug. 21.--A shipment of 150 pounds of metallic, chemically pure aluminum, the first export of this metal from the United States, was made this week from Newport, Ky., to London, England. The precious metal, which sold at 50 cents per pound, was smelted from Kentucky ore and clay by a process which is as yet tedious and is kept a secret.” New York Times, August 22, 1888


George Bush George Bush
Vice President George Bush at Newport Steel

Campbell Frill Line