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Beverly Hills Beverly Hills Beverly Hills
Taken about 9:15 o the night of the fire, the light area is lights, not the fire.  Firefighters are already on the scene. Taken about 9:35. Fire has burned thru the roof, ventilating the fire, and producing less smoke. This is about 10:30, and the fire has spread throughout the building. An hour later, the building was on the verge of collapse, and the firemen were ordered out of the building.


Beverly Hills Beverly Hills Beverly Hills
Wire Service Photo from the fire Before and after of the circular staircase


Beverly Hills 

The makeshift morgue at the armory in Fort Thomas


A Facebook page dedicated to the fire, Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire, had two stories posted by people who were actually at the club that night. The personal stories from Debra Francis Ingersoll and Beverly Foster.


Recommended: Get Robert Webster's definitive book, exhaustively researched and thoroughly documented, of the story of the fire at the Beverly Hills Supper Club in most area bookstores.  You do want to learn why the fire had nothing to do with aluminum wiring and everything to do with arson by the mob, and a giant cover-up by authorities, right?

The Enquirer's story on the 1970 fire - the fire you know about is 1977 - also had a sidebar on the history of the club. It was arson.

The 1936 fire story from the Post. It was arson.


Beverly Hills Beverly Hills Beverly Hills Seibert Motor Service

Aerial views of the damage, and a floor plan. In the center image, that's I-471 construction at the top.


There are several video's on YouTube of Beverly Hills.  Most are of the weeds on the site,  
but this one was taken shortly after the fire, recorded by Eastern Kentucky
University Fire Science professors.  About 9 minutes.

If you can just watch one video about the fire, this one.


Things you may have heard about the fire that are absolutely false:
1.  There were chained or locked doors at the club.  There were not.
2.  There was a delay by the club in calling in emergency personnel.  There was not.
3.  There were numerous building code violations at the club.  There were not.
4. Aluminum wiring was the primary cause of the fire. Highly unlikely.