Crittenden, Kentucky Crittenden, Kentucky Crittenden, Kentucky

Main  Street

Bike Club, 1884

Collins Flour Mill

Crittenden, Kentucky Crittenden, Kentucky Crittenden, Kentucky

S. M. Smith Lumber &
Building, 1901

McNay's Lumber
Company,  circa 1920
 Image courtesy of
Cincinnati's Lloyd Library

Post Office and Store of
John U. Allphin, 1901

Crittenden, Kentucky Crittenden, Kentucky Crittenden, Kentucky

The Bank of Crittenden,
while under construction 
Thanks to William A. Davis for this image

The Tobacco Growers
Deposit Bank, 1920

Crittenden  Street  Scene

The Tobacco Growers Deposit Bank was established on May 13, 1893, and changed it's name to The Bank of Crittenden on September 23, 1930. We have the original officers of the Tobacco Growers Deposit Bank.


Tuemler's Appliance Shop
from a Facebook posting by Penny Conrad

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“Crittenden Kentucky, Jan. 22. - Yeggmen early this morning blew open the safe in the Tobacco Growers Deposit bank. The explosion aroused the citizens and they frightened away the burglars who secured $500, but overlooked $5,000 in another drawer in the vault.” The Marion [Ohio] Daily Mirror, January 22, 1907

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Crittenden, Kentucky

The Littleton Finley Home, Crittenden 
This image is from William Davis, who would like to hear from you if you can give him
more specifics on this home's location.  Contact us for his email.


Crittenden, Kentucky

This is Crittenden's Miss Alice Collins, winner of first prize for best decorated
car in the parade that marked the opening of the 6th St Boulevard between
 Bellevue and Newport, November, 1929.


Crittenden, Kentucky Crittenden, Kentucky Crittenden, Kentucky
The Church A pastor list of the church A street scene and a VBS group

Crittenden Baptist, 1950


Crittenden Baptist
Crittenden Baptist
From a Facebook post by Jim_Dee Younger

You can read Rev. Raymond Lawrence's 53-page booklet on the History of Crittenden Baptist (pdf).

Crittenden, Kentucky Crittenden, Kentucky Crittenden, Kentucky
Crittenden Baptist Christian Church, Crittenden


Crittenden Catholic Church? The Catholic Telegraph, of September 24, 1903, has a list of mission churches attended from the Cathedral, which would be St. Mary's in Covington. “Crittenden, Grant County” is on the list.


Crittenden, Kentucky

Public School, Crittenden

A list of all the people that graduated from Crittenden High School
from 1911 through 1948, is here. (pdf)



Humphrey's Standard, next to the bank.
From a Facebook post by Roger Humphrey


High School

Crittenden High School
From a Facebook post by Roger Humphrey


Crittenden, Kentucky

Adjusting a signal on the Southern, near Crittenden, c. 1914


Crittenden, Kentucky Henderson House
Henderson-Rouse Tavern
(Across 25 from Gardnersville Road)
Lafayette was here.  Maybe. 
 Read about him, here.


Crittenden Fire Crittenden fire Crittenden, Kentucky
WW Market, formerly Case & Flynn grocery on Main St. in Crittenden after a fire. Photo taken at the post office on October 10, 2003, and one from the bank across the street. Contributed in an email from Webb.2 Frontier Restaurant
& Truck Stop


Blanch Coldiron, also known as bluegrass artist Blanche the Mountain Girl made a number of recordings with her banjo. We know she spent a portion of her life living in Crittenden, altho this brief bio of her from Berea College doesn't say so. We find recordings by her on the web, but not a lot of information, and no picture. You can listed to her do Tally Ho! here.


Crittenden, Kentucky Crittenden, Kentucky Crittenden

Mr. & Mrs. John Ferrell Crittenden barber,
and major impetus for the creation of the
Bullock Pen Water District

John J. Crittenden
How the town came to be named, here.

Conservation Club

Dry Ridge High School Conservation Club
key to the club's leaders

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“Crittenden, Grant County - John Schneider, our energetic drug and grocery man, is having his lumber and material sawed for building a store room on the lot adjoining his present location.  He says the upper story will be used for storage, having on hand several barrels of old Sixty-Six, which he will offer for sale as soon a the local option law is repealed, or competition in the drug business has fled.”From Covington's Daily Commonwealth, May 2, 1879

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Northern Kentucky Views is pleased to post Mr. Lloyd Franks' A History of
Early Crittenden
. It's a 43 page pdf, that you can access by clicking here.

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“Rural free delivery service has been ordered established June 1 at Crittenden, Grant county, Ky., with one courier. The route is twenty-one miles long and contains a population of 495.” Courier-Journal, May 3, 1904
A history of Crittenden published in 1929 is here. Dave Franks shoots Harvey Sanders in Crittenden streets, details here.

“Crittenden, Ky. - The entire train of the Atlanta special on the Queen and Crescent railroad was overturned a half mile south of here while running at a high rate of speed.  Two passengers were seriously injured and four others received minor hurts.  The accident was due to spreading rails.”  The Hickman (Ky.) Courier, May 2, 1912

Toronto Jimmy Goes on Trial for robbing Crittenden's Tobacco Growers Deposit Bank, here. Ladies of Crittenden donate food to Civil War effort, here.

“A woman named White, who states that she resides in the vicinity of Crittenden, Grant county, Ky., was arrested in Newport on suspicion of being engaged in an attempt to aid a slave woman and her two children to escape from their master.”   Evansville (Indiana) Daily Journal, October 31, 1863

In 1879 President Rutherford B. Hayes' train stops in Crittenden and he greets the citizens.  A Covington paper's story is here, in which they cover the reception of the President, and then excoriate the coverage of the event by the Cincinnati newspapers. 

“For some days Abraham K. Prather a wealthy tobacco grower and widower, of Crittenden, Ky., claims that he has been confined to his room at this home by his children, who feared that he wanted to marry Allie Rolan, who has been a servant at the Prather house.  Yesterday morning Prather escaped from his room and slipped away from the house unobserved.  Miss Rolan was waiting at the depot, and they came to Cincinnati and were married.  Prather is 63 years old and his bride is 21.”  Daily Greencastle (Ind.) Banner, November 26, 1895

Remember when the circus came to Crittenden and there was a brawl between the local “desperadoes,” also described as Civil War guerrillas, and the circus folks? If not, read about it here and here. So two years later, we get this.

1867 fire at Crittenden Christian Church, here. 1867 fire in Crittenden, here.
1934 fire in Crittenden, here 1897 fire in Crittenden, here
The 1907 Crittenden Bank Robbery.  Sort of.  Here. We assume this is the same event.
The Grant County Historical Society published this piece (pdf) on Crittenden's Rosenwald School. A second Civil War item on Crittenden is here.
Crittenden Academy Established in 1856. Union College established in Crittenden in 1858.
Crittenden officially established as a town in 1837.


Record Cow

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, August 21, 1927

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