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Almost all images here are from the Hill photograph album, A Pilgrimage to the Old Home in
Grant County, Kentucky
, May 30th,1912.  M. A. Hill, Covington, Ky.   Photo captions are from the scrapbook
See the original album at the Kentuckiana Virtual Library

A word on the Hill family, here.


Grant county, Kentucky

George Hill started this store in Hardscrabble (Cherry Grove) in 1863


george hill

George W. Hill

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hardscrabble     hardscrabble     Hardscrabble Scene
The Cedars. This gives a better view of the cedars. The smaller ones you and I set out.     Hardscrabble, Kentucky, where we sold our possum and coonskins, ginseng and yellow root.     Mr. Clark. Little Tom Clark, taken in front of the old Clark home,where we used to play the [illeg.].
Hardscrabble Scene     Hardscrabble Scene     Hardscrabble Scene
The first store of G. W. Hill and Company, Hardscrabble, Kentucky     Hardscrabble from Lexington Pike.     Home Sweet Home. Robert and Maude
Hardscrabble Scene     Hardscrabble Scene     Hardscrabble Scene
Little Ridge, from road.     Hardscrabble. Looking Northeast, taken about in front of Lucas old barn. Brooks home on the left just beyond turkey.     The old Lucas pond, where I learned to swim. The R. R. runs across the dam now.
Hardscrabble Scene     Hardscrabble Scene     Hardscrabble Scene
The Old Inn in Hardscrabble. The Lucas Tavern as it is now.     My Bunch. The Pilgrims.     The Old Home, showing orchard. North side, on which the well house used to stand
Hardscrabble Scene     Hardscrabble Scene     Hardscrabble Scene
The Old Home from Road. The 4 old cedars and some small ones no doubt you and I planted.     Where “Jack” shot his first squirrel. About where cross is. The upper cross is Woodward Home     Gouge Home. I am standing in the door talking to Mrs. Gouge.
Hardscrabble Scene     Hardscrabble Scene     Hardscrabble Scene
The Old Home, showing well and smoke house on south side.     Old Schoolhouse site from Road. The white spot is a canvas on a tobacco bed. The walnut trees are the same we used to play under.     Old School house Site, from Bridge. Whites canvas on a tobacco bed. The school house stood just below the canvas.

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“Having never seen Cherry Grove represented in your columns, I have concluded to give it a show.  Cherry Grove is just three miles south of Williamstown, and is a community known as Hardscrabble, but she can now boast of a post-office, a station, mill, blacksmith shop and a general store, kept by F. Beckworth of Newport; he is a worthy gentleman and keeps at all times a complete line of goods as can be found outside the city.  The first two miles of the Cordova and Hardscrabble turnpike is nearing completion.” the Williamstown Courier, June 9, 1892

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Post-Civil War murder in Hardscrabble, here.  

Feud in Hardscrabble results in ugly 1877 shooting - here.

1879 Fire at Hardscrabble.  Story here.



The Tee Pee Truck Stop
from a Facebook post by Jerry Martin
Jerry Martin also has a short history of the truck stop, here.

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