On Idaho Street; that's Blessed Sacrament on the left; you're looking south.
Find an older person that grew up in Fort Mitchell and ask them if they remember Boonie's. Watch'em smile.



Al Schlossser's
A Northern Kentucky Business brings in $50,000 a year. In 1917. Raising goldfish.
Kenton County as America's goldfish capital? Yup. Story's here.
The ponds were where they later built the Dixie Gardens Drive In.



Five and Dime


Garage Garage Garage Garage
Fort Mitchell Garage, 1948 Fort Mitchell Garage, 1922 Dixie Highway - that's
Kyles Lane turning right
beyond the houses.
Dixie Highway - that's 
Kyles Lane turning right
beyond the Fort 
Mitchell Garage.
The above four pictures are from the Fall-Winter 2006 issue of Northern Kentucky Heritage,  which contains many more pictures from the Joseph Kuchle Family albums.


Meyer's Grocery Meyer's Grocery
Meyer's Grocery on Dixie
From a Facebook post by Jennifer Meyer


Tow Truck Dairy
Hauer's Service Station in Fort Mitchell (call Hemlock 6300)
from a Facebook post by Lynn Slayback
Fort Mitchell Dairy
Betty Bravo's history of the Ft. Mitchell Dairy is here.


Toll Pharmacy Toll Pharmacy
Earlier and later locations of the Toll Pharmacy


Oldeberg Brewery

The Oldenberg Brewery