aerial aerual aerial
An early painting by John
Caspar Wild
, c. 1835
Early painting from what
would become Devou Park
The Mouth of the
Licking, 1846





Covington Aerial

An 1853 painting by Edwin Beyer


View of Cincinnati from Covington, Kentucky c. 1851. Oil painting by Robert S. Duncanson. View of Cincinnati, Ohio by J. W. Steel, from a daguerreotype in Graham's Magazine, 1848

Duncanson, a noted Afro-American painter, changed a few details from the earlier image: In the Steel image, there is a couple admiring the view; in the Duncanson, it's a pair of laborers; in the Steel, there's a white man with a rifle; while the Duncanson shows a black man with a scythe; there's a white woman hanging out wash in the Steel, but a black woman in the Duncanson. Read more about Duncanson at this site (Wikipedia) and this site (Taft Museum).


Harpers Weekly Published this view of
Cincinnati, with lots of detail of the Covington
area, on June 24, 1876.
It was drawn by Schell and Hogan, from a
sketch by C. A. Vanderhoof.
A painting from 1855. Notice the number and
variations of the river traffic - steam boats, a
steam ferry, at least two kinds of flatboats - and
a large number of steamers on the Cincinnati side.


Covington, 1857

July 4, 1857

“Looking across the river, which at low water mark is, perhaps, a third of a mile wide, to the
Kentucky side, one sees, on the right bank of the Licking River, the city of Covington, a mass
of black factories and tall chimneys, from which smoke is always ascending, and spreading
out over the valley.” from Captain Willard Glazier's Peculiarities of American Cities, 1885.


Covington, ky



Covington Aerial

Covington Aerial, c. 1878


aerial           aerial

These are the far left and far right end, only, of a much larger engraving of the Cincinnati
river front in 1900 by infamous counterfeiter and engraver Charles Ulrich. Read more about it, at this site.



Peaselburg, c. 1900
From a Facebook post by Arlina Lag


aerial aerial aerial
Looking West Covington and Newport, 1910 from Cincinnati, 1930


aerial      aerial

Bird's Eye Views of Covington, 1908
right, We know that the hill in the foreground was at one time a vineyard, and the
big red brick building below was a distillery.


aerial Suspension Bridge Aerial of Covington
Early Aerial of Covington A 1914 Panorama
from a Brian Schlosser Facebook post
from "De Vou," c. 1910


Aerial of Covington   Aerial of Covington
1922. Orient yourself with St. Mary's at the top of the image   1922. Orient yourself with the old Short Way (12th St) bridge at the bottom of the image


aerial                     aerial

Aerial Views of Covington, c. 1930's


aerial Covington Aerial Covington Aerial
from Devou Park Bird's eye view of
Covington, c. 1935
1930 1937, from a Magic Lantern slide
from Facebook post by Robert Richshafer


Aerial Covington, Ky
Paintings from Devou by Charles Meurer, 1932


Covington Covington,\
Looking westerly After I-75, but before the IRS Building
From a Facebook post by Jim Steiner


Covington Covington
  St. Patrick's was on the east side of Philadelphia, between 4th and 5th. c. 1967. From a Facebook post by Chuck Eilerman June, 1939. That's St. Aloysius on the right; John G. Carlisle toward the right.
From a Facebook post by Judy Marqua Huth


Covington Aerial Covington Aerial Covington Aerial Covington Aerial
Various aerial views, c. WWII


Covington Aerial
Looking south, from the
Suspension Bridge, c. 1940
  c. 1940's


Covington Aerial Covington, ky aerial
1953 Real color Aerial from 1954
Thanks to Dr. Richard Cardosi for this one
Covington Riverfront, 1959


Covington Aerial aerial aerial

Downtown Covington, c. 1959

The C&O Bridge, Along the
Ohio River, January, 1956
Aerial from 1959


Covington Aerial Covington Aerial
Covington Aerials, c. 1960's


Covington Aerial

Dixie Highway in the extreme lower right


aerial aerial aerial aerial

Bavarian Brewery and the neighborhood. That's South Main Street running left to upper right; Dixie Highway at the bottom. 


That's St. Patrick's Church and School. The church faced Philadelphia Street; the school's on the s.w. corner of 4th & Philadelphia. Bavarian's property is just barely in the shot at the far right. While these are photos taken for Bavarian, note that the plant is barely visible in the lower right. Also, understand that literally every building in these middle two images no longer stands.

Bavarian Plant #1 is seen at the bottom, and Pike Street is seen at the top.



aerial aerial
Covington Aerial
(the white lines show
the proposed IRS Center)
I-75 Construction -
looking south


Short aerial video Covington


aerial    aerial

Aerial View of Covington, 1968


Aerial of Covington Aerial of Covington Aerial Aerial of Covington
c. 1980's 1973 c. 1960
From a Facebook post by Donald-Diann Rogers
c. 1960


aerial Jefferson Street

The defunct Jefferson Street Exit on I-75
The bottom of the I-75 hill was rebuilt. It had acquired a nickname: Death Hill


aerial         aerial         aerial         aerial

Covington Aerials which are likely older than you think!


aerial Covington aerial Covington Aerial
Looking south, from the
Suspension Bridge, c. 1970
Newer Aerials


aerial aerial aerial
Covington Aerial Brent Spence Construction Covington Riverfront Aerial

aerial                 aerial

Relatively newer aerial views



A photo of Cincinnati and Covington, circa 1866



Actually Cincinnati, but a mate of sorts to the above image. 
This one's from a daguerreotype from 1848, taken from Newport
That's the Public Landing on the far left. This is two miles of riverfront.
The detail on the original is such that it would take a 140,000 megapixel camera to replicate it.