brwers and distillers



Brewers and distillers Brewers and distillers Brewers and distillers
Overview of the
Bavarian Brewery
Bavarian, 1922 Bavarian Workers

There's a detailed history of Bavarian at Wikipedia.



c. 1900
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brewery Bavarian Bavarian

Covington Lager Beer Brewery, 1884

Bavarian Truck Delivering in Latonia, 1915

The application to put Bavarian on the National Register of Historic
places, complete with photo's, history, and maps.


Brewers and distillers Brewers and distillers Brewers and distillers
The Bavarian Brewery The Bavarian Brewery The Bavarian Brewery


Fulton & Myers Fulton & Myers Fulton & Myers
Fulton Fulton Fulton
Myers Distillery, producer of Fulton Whiskey

Details about Fulton at this site.


Fulton & Myers

The final days of the Brenner Brewery Building


Brewers and distillers Brenners Brewers and distillers
Crigler & Crigler
Distillers of Woodland Whiskey
517 Scott
The John Brenner Brewing Company, 1903
More about Brenner, here.
Philipp Jung Brewery Company, c. 1912
(Successor to “Brenner”)
Brewers of Fine Lager and Bottled Beers
624 Scott


Brewers and distillers

Orene Parker Company's advertised prices

Old Maid per gallon $2.50
Boone County per gallon $2.00
Port Wine per gallon $1.00
Orange Wine per gallon $  .50
Pure Blackberry Wine per bottle $  .50

All mail orders promptly shipped on day of receipt


The Orene Parker Co.,
c. 1912
12 & 14 Pike Street


Brewers and distillers Brewers and distillers Brewers and distillers
The Covington Brewery Pattison Brothers, 1914 Heidelberg Brewery


Fire! in 1875 at a Lewisburg distillery.
“The second floor of Lang & Knoll's brewery, Covington, gave way on Thursday with 13,000 bushels of barley and malt, and this broke down the first and third floors, all being precipitated in the cellar. Two men in the brewery at the time escaped with slight injuries. Loss $6,000.” Courier-Journal, July 30, 1870 “At one of the bonded warehouses in Covington, Ky., thousands of bees have died this season of imbibing too freely. If a drop of whiskey oozes from the barrel, they light upon it and suck it until they drop off dead.” Indianapolis' Daily State Sentinel, September 16, 1868
Francis Scholle compiled this list (pdf) of breweries that have been in Covington. Five pages worth!
Five-story riverfront distillery of James Walsh & Co. burns, in 1893, here. Dave Schroeder writes about the history of Covington and beer, at this site.


Heidelberg Labels Heidelberg Labels Heidelberg Labels Student Prince
Heidelberg Labels   From a Facebook post by David Timmer