Elsmere, Kentucky
  The Swan, a.k.a. The Nine Mile House
815 Dixie Highway, Elsmere, Kentucky
Routes 25 and 42
 20 Minutes from Cincinnati 
SAM A. GAREY, Manager
Famous for Kentucky Mint Juleps
Open the Year Around, Serving
Southern Fried Chicken, Steaks, Lobster,
Country Ham and Sea Food Dinners
Northern Kentucky's Finest Dining Room


Elsmere, Kentucky Elsmere, Kentucky Elsmere, Kentucky
The Swan's menu
The proprietors of the Swan are reputed to have abandoned the place very, very suddenly in 1955, essentially walking out the door with the clothes on their backs, and with dinner, not eaten, on the table.  A Fort Mitchell florist, Schreiver, moved into the location but kept the Swan name.  The restaurant tables are still there, used for floral displays.  Ask to see where the slot machines were bolted down.



Swan's children's menu
From a Facebook post by Charlie Lunsford


Four Aces

Four Ace TV, Dixie at Sunset
From a Facebook post by Mark Link of his Dad's shop


Gayety Gayety
The first Gayety Theatre The Gayety  
These two images ran along with a history of the Gayety in 1955.  


Burns Brothers

Burns Brothers Service Station, May and Dixie
From a Facebook post by Buzz Burns



Dusing Brothers

Elsmere, Kentucky Elsmere, Kentucky Elsmere, Kentucky
Elsmere, Kentucky Dusing Brothers
 from upper left, an aerial view,
Franklin (l) and Ben (r) Dusing
(1938), The Business, Workers
at Dusing Ice, Electrical Panel
(?!?) at Dusing Ice
Elsmere, Kentucky
The Dusing Brothers call it quits. Retrospective and history at this site.

Dusing Brothers

Brothers Ben and Franklin Dusing, c. 1930
from a Facebook post by Old Photos of Northern Kentucky


Elsmere, Kentucky Businesses
Chester Dryer's Gateway Grill
3619 Dixie, next to Dusings


Sid's, in Elsmere Sid's, in Elsmere
Sid's, an Elsmere institution
From a Facebook post by Beverly Sturgeon


Elsmere, Kentucky Elsmere, Kentucky
Zitt's Taylor Shop, on Garvey Little Boy Blue Golf
At Dixie and May in Elsmere


Elsmere, Kentucky

Tate Builders Supply


Bromley, Ky

Elsmere Grocery
From a Facebook post by Candace Schaefer Olivo



Jimmie's Roller Rink opened on January 31, 1948.
from a Facebook post by Joe Mullins


Elsmere, Kentucky Elsmere, Kentucky
First Federal Savings and
 Loan, Elsmere, 1959
Inside Tom Howard's
Grocery on Garvey


Heving Brothers Pieper's
Pieper's on Dixie, near across from Forest
From a Facebook post by Shelley Pieper Miller