L and n

Locomotives, at Decoursey


L & N 976, Rosedale
Built by Baldwin in 1903

L & N Railroad L & N Railroad
Two views of Engine No. 1950, the first L&N M-1, delivered at DeCoursey on  July 30, 1942


L & N Railroad

The pic was taken in Louisville in 1915, but this locomotive
  operated between Latonia and Cincinnati's Union Central.
That's Traveling Engineer L. W. Pulliam posed with the engine.


L & N Railroad L & N Railroad L & N Railroad

L & N #105, a 4-6-2
built by Rogers, 1905

L & N 441, Rosedale,
Kentucky, Dec. 10, 1913

Class J-4-A at Latonia



L&N M-1 #1960
September 20, 1955


L & N Railroad L & N Railroad

At DeCoursey, August 12, 1948

L & N 1999, a 2-8-2 in
service at DeCoursey

 L & N Railroad

This is Engine 1951, the second M-1, shown on the remodeled turntable.  Because of the M-1's larger
size, the turntable had to be increased from 85 feet to 120 feet. This is June 18, 1943.


L & N Railroad L & N Railroad
M-1 Number 1960 at DeCoursey
Same exact picture: one's bad quality with a caption, the other doesn't have the caption, but it's a much sharper image.
#1951 at DeCoursey, c. 1948


kenton line
A collection of L & N Steam Locomotives, taken at locations
other than DeCoursey, is here, Diesels here.
In 1955, Trains Magazine ran a special L & N issue.  In it, they published a complete
roster of L & N Motive power, steam and diesel.  See it here.

kenton line

L & N Railroad

The first diesels in Latonia, October 1943


L & N Railroad L & N Railroad L&N
DeCoursey, June 30, 1956   unknown date


L & N Railroad L & N Railroad
L & N 774
August 23, 1967

Switcher from 1966
You're looking north, in Latonia


L & N Railroad L & N Railroad
The North End of Decoursey.
Penn Central PC 7361, an
EMD GP9 on transfer duty, 
September 11, 1976
The South End of Decoursey.
EMD SD45 on Q-143 exits
Grant's Tunnel just south of
Decoursey Yard on
December 30, 2003.
Both of these great Decoursey scenes are copyrighted photos by Don Faris.  Clicking on the thumbnails will take you to railpics.net, where the originals reside.


L & N Railroad L & N Railroad L & N Railroad

L & N Alco RS-3 #138,
 July, 1969

L & N 144, 578 & 125
at DeCoursey, May, 1972

L & N 576, an F9B
 at Decoursey, 10/31/1970



L&N 1426 at Decoursey


L & N Diesel

An ALCO RS36 1800 horsepower road-switcher built in 1962, #914. Only 40 were manufactured and the L&N had but five. All five wound up working at sprawling Decoursey Yard just south of Covington where they could be seen (and heard) by local residents. January 1973. From a Facebook post by Frank Michaels


L & N Railroad L & N Railroad
L & N 1620, at Decoursey
April 6, 1980
L & N 169, an RS3,
May, 1978


L & N Decoursey L & N Railroad L & N Railroad
L & N 116, 1973 c. 1980 #4110, unknown location

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