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ludlow, kentucky Ludlow, Kentucky Ludlow Home
Elmwood Hall,
The oldest house in Ludlow,
 built c. 1818.
Ludlow Homestead
River Road
Ward Vandermark Home
20 Ash Street


These four Ludlow houses are all on the National Register of Historic places, complete with photo's, history, and maps.
Elmwood Hall Maxwell House 855-57 Oak St. 859 Oak St.


Ritchie Home Ludlow, Kentucky
“The old Ritchie House, at the corner of Elm and Locust. The family lived in Ludlow for almost 100 years. The property also had a separate greenhouse and library. It was torn down in the late 1950s to build the Kroger's. The Ritchie's were immigrants from Switzerland. The first Ludlow death in WWI was Edgar B. Ritchie. Ludlow's American Legion Post was named for him.” Dave Schroeder, commenting on Facebook G. Taylor Latta Residence, 1911. The 12-sided Latta House was later the location of an Allison & Rose Funeral Home. 
Background on the Ritchie family is at this site.  


Ludlow, Kentucky Somerset Hall
Somerset Hall, built in 1832
“A typical Southern residence”
Somerset Hall, November 12, 1943


A contemporary tour of the interior of the Carneal House.

A brochure about the Carneal House is here.

Scene from Ludlow, Kentucky Suspension Bridge Ludlow, Kentucky
Upper Elm Street,
Ash Street
from a Jeff Barkley post on Facebook
West Elm Street,