Motels, Kenton County, Kentucky

Covington Motel

Lamplighter Motor Inn and
Distinctive Hofbrau Haus Restaurant
Cocktail Lounge - Entertainment - Pool Bar  - Accom-
odating 500 guests - 230 rooms - Direct Dialing
Telephone - Radio - TV - Hi-Fi - Room Service
Totally Air Conditioned - Swimming Pool
1939 Dixie Highway - Covington, Kentucky


Covington Motel         Covington Motel

The Lamplighter, Covington


Covington Motel Covington Motel

Denlou Motel 
U.S. 25 & 42  Covington, Ky 
21 New DeLuxe Brick Units
 In the center of Northern Kentucky's Finest Restaurants 
3 Minutes from Downtown Cincinnati
* Air Conditioned  * TV  * Phones 
 * Tile Baths * Hot Water Heat  * Baby Cribs
1430 Dixie Highway, Covington, Ky.
HEmlock 1-8414


gateway motel

Covington's Gateway Motel
225 Scott Blvd, Covington, Ky
"1 minute from Downtown Cincinnati"
South end of the Suspension Bridge
On Business Routes 25 and 42
TV, Air Conditioned, Room Phones, Wall to Wall
Carpet, Tile Baths, Restaurant, Cocktail Lounge,
Room Service, One Day Laundry, Swimming Pool
Schambachs, Owners                 Phone AXe1-7100



Holiday Inn Riverfront



Hotel Hahn in Park Hills


Quality Inn Quality Inn Covington Motel Quality Inn Quality Inn

600 W Third Street      Quality Inn
Construction images from a Facebook post by Larry Shideler


Licking Overlook

Breakfast Menu from the Quality Inn, 1974



The Marriott goes up

kenton line