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Adam's Express Arnold's
Adam's Express, 1918, on Sutton Street Arnold's
1419 E. Second Street, near Beechwood Park
The building was earlier used as a car barn for the Maysville street cars.

Jacob Boone

Mrs. M. Archdeacon, Fashionable Millinery,
on the south side of Third, near Market


A & P

The A & P, on Second Street

The Art Shop, W. D. Oldham, Prop. The demise of the A&P. John Armstrong & Son, East End Druggists
“Great excitement in Mason, Bracken, and Lewis counties, caused by the Kanawha salt monopoly of Armstrongs, Grant & Co., - a company of Maysville merchants - Wm. Armstrong, Johnston Armstrong, James Armstrong, Peter Grant (uncle of President U. S. Grant), James Hewitt, and Gilbert Adams, who contract for all of the salt made at the Kanawha works, and advance the price (then 30 cents) to 50 cents per bushel. John Armstrong, another merchant, is included in the indignation felt, because he aided in furnishing capital and otherwise assisted the monopoly. Large public meetings, at Augusta, Maysville, Washington, Mayslick, Germantown and other points, pass denunciatory resolutions, decline too buy or use Kanawha salt, and begin making arrangements for supplies of Conemaugh, Onandoga and Turks' Island salt.”

Ball MAchine SHop H. C. Barkley Bee Hive Dry Goods and Millinery Bolinger
Ball & Mitchell, c. 1900
On the n.e. corner of Limestone & 2nd
H. C. Barkley Spot Cash Store Bee Hive Dry Goods and Millinery The Bolinger

Jacob Boone Jacob Boone
Jacob Boone was Dan'ls first cousin, and lived at and operated a tavern in this building on Front Street near Limestone. The 37 flood wiped it out. The Register of the Kentucky State Historical Society published an article (pdf) on Jacob Boone in September, 1904.

Barkley's Shoe Store Bauer & Klipp, Buggies, Harnesses, Etc. Charles F. Breeze, Groceries, Wine, and Liquors
  Browning Manufacturing
(at Ledger-Independent site)
W. L. Brosee, Artistic Photographer Mike Brown, The Square Deal Man [Harnessmaker] Lewright Browning, Attorney at Law

Maysville Business G. F. Brown's Fire
John Goodwin operates a boring mill machine
at Maysville's Brown's Manufacturing, 1953.
Brown's made mechanical power transmission devices. 
G. F. Brown's China Palace Cargill Fire, January, 1998

John Cadwalleder advertises his daguerreotypes in 1854.

Mason Line

Maysville Business Maysville Business Maysville Flood
Carnation Milk Products
Plant, c. 1940's
Carnation Milk Products
Plant, c. 1950
Carnation, 1937 Flood
from a Facebook post by David Campbell
It opened November 25, 1932.   Kentucky Business ran a feature story about Carnation in 1950, here.

Maysville Business Maysville Business
Scenes at Carnation, December, 1950

Story of Carnation, in Maysville, from 1935, is here.

Maysville Business Maysville Business Maysville Business Maysville Business
The pictures in this set are all from inside the Carnation Dairy in 1946.

Maysville Business Carnation
Outside Carnation, left, 1946
from Facebook posts by John Henderson

Burt Labeler

A Burt Labeler, used at Carnation for labeling cans
From a Facebook post by John Henderson


Burt Labeler Burt Labeler
Burt Labeler Advertising
“Does the Work of 11 Girls”

Mason Line

Coughlin's Undertaking and Livery
From a Facebook post by John Henderson


R. A. Carr's Maysville Business Maysville Business Kackley
R. A. Carr's, believed to be at 4th and Plum Thomas J. Chenoweth, Drugs & Medicines The Coke Plant That's plant manager Miss Irene Gilcher, 1929. A more recent Coke building
from a Ron Bailey Facebook post
  Read more about Thomas J.
Chenoweth here.

Maysville Business Maysville Business Notice Collins & Rudy
Maymie Clift Shop C. J. Collins Transfer Company Collins & Rudy, Lumber
Millinery and Antiques
6 West Third Street
Read more about
 C. J .Collins here.

Maysville Business Maysville Business Maysville Business
The Consolidated Drug Store in Maysville, c. 1930

Coughlin's Undertaking & Livery
Coughlin's Undertaking & Livery
“Having purchased the livery business of Pollitt & Downing, Mr. Coughlin later bought the undertaking business of Myall and Shackleford, combining the two at his elegant establishment on West Third.”
Coughlin & Co., Undertaking and Livery

Notice Maysville Business
W. T. Cummins Fancy Groceries
Third and Limestone
W. T. Cummins, Fancy Groceries, 1910
Read more about W. T. Cummins here.

R. A. Carr, Coal Dealer Robert M. Cartwell, Express Agent Charles W. Conrad, Staple and Fancy Groceries and Conrad's Grocery
William D. Cochran, Attorney at Law Dan Cohen, Everything in Footwear Crane & Shafer, Wall Paper, Paints, etc.
J. H. Cummings, Funeral Director Arthur F. Curran, Editor, Daily Public Ledger

Notice Maysville Business
Mose Daulton, Livery and Feed  New Odd Fellows Hall, and de
Nuzie's Bookstore, Maysville

“If you want the latest postcard photographic views of Maysville, go to 'De Nuzies' 229 Market Street.” Maysville’s Daily Bulletin, July 10, 1913

Dieterich's Dieterich's Dieterich's Farm Implements
Dieterich's on Market Dieterich's Greenhouses,
just below the cemetery
from a Facebook post by Jim Wilson
F. Dieterich's Farm Implements
On 2nd, between Market and Limestone
More on C. P. Dieterich's is here, and here.  

Omar Dodson's Wholesale Groceries Maysville Business Maysville Business
Omar Dodson's Wholesale Groceries Jos. Dodson's Coal Elevators Jos. Dodson's Warehouse
Read more about Jos. H. Dodson & Sons, here.

The Pickle Maysville Business
Duke Transit, a.k.a. The Pickle
Thanks to David Tuel for graphics
R. H. Duncan & Brother, Store

Thomas A. Davis, Everything in Printing Frank Devine, Real Estate Agent T. Dickson, Livery & Feed
J. L. Dinger & Brother, Groceries & Fruits M. J. Donovan, Fancy Groceries George Dye, Old Time Merchant

Mason Line