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Ellington's Evereett's
from a Facebook post by Ron Bailey
J. C. Everett Co., 1978
from a Facebook post by David Tuel
  J. C. Everett & Co, Grain, Seed, Flour

C. Calvert Early J. W. Elgin, Insurance
H. S. Ellis, L & N Railroad Agent Thomas L. Ewan, Real Estate & Farm Lands



Henry Foley's Shoe Shop, 113 Sutton
From a Facebook post by Cheryl M. R. French

Maysville Coal Frank
Farley's Flour & Feed George Frank Store

Fitzgerald Saddlery, Wholesale Saddles John T. Fleming, Insurance Agent

G. C. Murphy catsup
G. C. Murphy
From a Facebook post by John Brodt
  G. W. Geisel, Grocer

Gable Brothers Coal Maysville Business Golden Rule
Gable Brothers Coal
s.e. corner of 2nd & Short

The Gable Brothers, Coal, Salt, Sand, etc.
Gillespie Products
“Dr. J. E. Gillespie, Veterinarian, maker of E-Z-Give, for worms in livestock and poultry”
The Golden Rule Grocery
From a Facebook post by Loretta Olmstead J. H. Pollitt, Golden Rule Grocery


Maysville Bus


Limestone and 2nd
from a Facebook post by David Campbell

  Inside the Greyhound Station, c. 1935. Limestone & Third
From a Facebook post by David Campbell
The first Greyhound Bus station was at Limestone and Second, across from the high school. The second was the image above on the right, at Limestone and Third.


F. T. Gallenstein Henry S. Gallenstein, General Blacksmith
F. F. Gerbrich, Piano's, Phonographs, etc. Buckner W. Goodman,
Wholesale Liquors


Hardymon Maysville Business    
J. F. Hardymon

D. Hechinger & Co. Read more about
D. Hechinger & Co. here. and here.


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James H. Hall Company, Notice Notice
James H. Hall Company,
Eagle Plow Works, 1876
from the Thibodaux (Louisiana) Minerva, February 2, 1856 James H. Hall & Co., c. 1900
on the east side of Lexington, between 2nd and 3rd.
Hall's Eagle Plows Floodwall Hall
Plow Works Ad A trade show exhibit of the plows. James Houston. Hall
Thom Anderson posted these on Facebook, along with an explanation of it, and a few words in general about Hall's Eagle Plow Works.
  The James Hall Eagle Plow Company incorporated in 1878.  



Haney & McGuire Hardware, 47 W. 2nd.
That's Haney on the right.
From a Facebook post by Ron Bailey

Learn about a boiler explosion at Hall's, here. Detailed 1882 account of Hall's.
“A plow manufacturing firm in Maysville received last week an order for one hundred of their plows, to be sent to the interior of Mexico. They are to be boxed, and will be carried upon the backs of mules two hundred and fifty miles from the coast to their destination.” Courier-Journal, February 1, 1873 “The boiler of Hall's plow factory at Maysville, Ky., exploded January 27th, instantly killing William Harris, engineer, severely wounding the foreman and a brother of Harris.”  The Locomotive, 1881.
“A Maysville firm has just shipped 500 plows to Cuba via New Orleans.”   Courier-Journal, June 25, 1870 “Maysville plow factories shipped one thousand seven hundred plows to the South last week.”  Courier-Journal, October 17, 1870
“As many plows are said to be made in Maysville as in any city in the West. It has three plow factories, and they all do a very excessive business. That of James H. Hall & Co. is the largest wrought-iron plow factory in the United States.” Courier-Journal, February 20, 1871

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Hendricksons Hendrickson
Hendrickson's Block, home of Hendrickson Paint and Hendrickson Bottling. That's Frank Leslie Henderson leaning against the bumper of the truck on the far right.
The Hendrickson Paint Company, Paint Manufacturers

Postmen Higgins Hutchinons Hutchinson's Grocery
Geo. Heiser Wholesale Grocery Higgins & Slattery
M. C. Hutchinson's Grocery and Residence Hutchinson's Grocery
from a Facebook post by Pamela Regenstein
    M. C. Hutchinson & Son, Staple and Fancy Groceries


Maysville Business  Maysville Business
D. Hunt & Sons, read more about D. Hunt & Sons here. Hunter's Mill suffers the Flood of 1913

Harding & Simmons, General Contractors D. N. House, Photographic Views

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Postmen January and Wood January and Wood new 
January and Wood Cotton Mill in the 1937 Flood
from a Facebook posting by Terri Duncan
January and Wood was on Front Street, between Second and Wall

Cotton Mill

January & Wood in the 1937 Flood

Maysville Business Maysville Business Maysville Business Maysville Business


Maysville Cotton
Mill, 1910
January & Wood
Cotton Mill
Aftermath of Fire at January & Wood Cotton Mill

An article from 1910 on the Cotton Mill is here; another, from 1935, is here; and the Ledger Independent's feature from 2008. A 1951 article from Kentucky Business is here.

Want to read A. M. January's last will and testament? Here.
“R. A. Cochran, Treasurer of the Maysville Cotton Mills, Maysville, Ky., reported that there are no longer any blue Mondays in their factory on account of drinking, as formerly, and that the saloons in their neighborhood have given place to grocery stores, and that the boys are growing up without forming the habit of drink.”
 from the 1922 Manufacturers' Record

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Kackley Maysville Business Maysville Business Kackley
The Kackley Building, w. 2nd Street
James T. Kackley was an early publisher of postcards, and a number of his images appear in these pages.  He also sold bicycles and was a member of the Maysville Bicycle Club. A picture of him, on his bike, is here. More about Kackley is here.



Key Model Dairy Bar



The Kentucky Transportation Company


Maysville Business Maysville Business Maysville Business
Keystone Commercial Company was a slaughter house for poultry.  Sometimes known as the Old Hemp Warehouse (or the American Legion Hall), it was built in the 1840's and was razed for the Court House Annex.
Compare its stepped-top on the front façade, to the east side of the current annex (right).  You can read a little more about Keystone here.


Keith Schroeder harness makers Postmen Maysville, Ky
Keith-Schroeder Harness Makers
On East Second
Klipp and Brown Kroger's, 1969

The Kentucky, A Bottling Company, James Summers, prop. W. Holton Key, Insurance & Real Estate Miss Anna G. King, Millinery, Hair Goods, Etc.

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