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Maysville Business Postmen Limestone Gas
J. Wesley Lee's Clothing Store Leonard & Lalley, Ranges, Stoves, & Tinware Limestone Gas Company
from a Facebook post by Mark Humphries
Read more about J. Wesley Lee,
Mayor of Maysville

January and Wood Maysville Business Limestone Lumber,  Maysville, Kentucky
Limestone Lumber Co.,  2nd and Commerce. More about Limestone Lumber here.

Maysville Business
R. B. Lovel
Read more about
R. B. Lovel here

Lane & Easton, Contractors & Builders L. Langefels, Sanitary Plumbing, Etc Luman, Exclusive Millinery


McCarthey McCarthey
These c. 1865 jars were made in Greensboro, Pennsylvania by the James Hamilton Company. They were made for Maysville merchants G. A. and J. E. McCarthey  

Maysville Business Maysville Business Maysville Business
McClanahan And Shea's Hardware
and Stove Store, 1910
McIlvain, Knox, & Diemer,
 Undertakers & Furniture
Thomas Malone & Co.
Read more about
McClanahan and Shea's here.
  Read more about Thomas
Malone & Co. here.

C. L. Mains McCartney Hotel Maysville Brick
C. L. Mains
“The Original Patented Pipeless Furnace”
McCartney Hotel
2nd & Limestone
1937 Flood
Maysville Brick

Maysville Business Maysville Coal Maysville Business Maysville, Ky
Maysville Grocery Scene, 1953 Maysville Coal Co., The Best Grades of Coal“Leaders in Our Line” Maysville Milling and Feed
Later, Alex Anderson's garage across from Ye Olde Dutch Inn.

A nice piece on the Maysville Milling and Feed Co is here. (pdf)

“The Editor for the Maysville Whig Advocate has announced his determination to remove his printing establishment to Vicksburgh, Miss., where he intends to commence immediately the publication of a daily, semi-weekly, and weekly paper. The Advocate is discontinued.” from the Paris, Ky., Western Citizen, September 28, 1838

“We have received the first number of the Maysville Sun, a handsome and spirited paper published and edited by L. A. Welch, late of the Maysville Bulletin. It is of course Democratic. We wish it full success” Courier-Journal, March 6, 1869

“The Maysville Sun has ceased publication. The continued ill health of its editor, Mr. Welch, has been one of the chief causes leading to the step.” Courier-Journal, June 14, 1869

“The Maysville Eagle has a regular subscriber who commenced taking the paper in 1818.” Courier-Journal, January 9, 1874
“The Maysville Eagle has been published forty-nine years as a weekly, and thirty-two years as a tri-weekly. Mr. Davis has retired from the Eagle, leaving its sole conduct to Mr. Thos. M. Green” Louisville Daily Courier, January 8,1867

Stockyards Maysville Stockyards Maysville Stockyards Maysville Stockyards
Maysville Stockyards, 1969


Maysville Iron and Metal
On the site of the first jail in Maysville

 Maysville Business Myall & Calvert Undertakers Means & Shields
The Maysville Ice Company Myall & Calvert Undertakers

Means & Shields

Read more about The Maysville
Ice Company here.
from a Facebook post by Lisa Collins

From a Facebook post by Loretta Olmstead
Graphics enhancement by David Tuel

Maysville Business Maysville Business Merz Brothers Merz Brothers
Merz Brothers
Read more about the Merz Brothers here, and here.

Modern Laundry Laundry Minces Maysville Business
Modern Laundry

Model Laundry, 31 E. Second
from a Facebook post by Brittany Lynn Vaughn

Minces Moldings Shop


“Maysville, Ky., - March 1 - Moses, Daulton & Brothers' livery stable burned to-day, consuming 50 buggies, and 13 horses, including one animal valued at $4,000.  Total loss, $20,000.  Insurance, $2000.”  from the New York Times, March 2, 1887

Murray and Thomas Postmen

Murray & Thomas, Granite & Marble Works

Myall & Co. Carriages

G. W. McDaniel & Co.  Coal, Cement and Salt Magnolia Flour Mills, Merchant Millers Maysville Gas Company
Maysville Surprise Store, Galanty & Alper The Maysville Foundry and Engineering Company Maysville Manufacturing Company, Doors, Sashes, Etc.
Maysville Brick Company, High Class Brick The Maysville Independent Maysville Commercial Club
  Montgomery Ward  


New Way

New Way Cleaners, W. Second and Wall
Owner Chris Russell is on the very far right.
From a Facebook post by Les Rhonda Applegate

Word Nash's Postmen Maysville Business
Ward Nash's Barber Shop
224 Market St. Ward Ellison Nash is in the center, Jacob Powers Nash on the far left.
Nesbitt's Dry Goods Newell's Livery Stable,
 on W. 3rd, next to the old jail

Merz Brothers


Maysville Business

New York Store
Office of “Our Leading Hotel.” On Lower Market St. New York Store
Read more about The New Central Hotel here, and here.  
“Claude Watkins, owner of the Whitehall Hotel, purchased the Central Hotel today and these two hotels will be consolidated, forming on of the largest hotels in Eastern Kentucky.” Louisville Courier Journal, April 23, 1923. S. Straus, New York Store


J. P. Nash, First Class Barber The Navarre Cafe,C. E. Martin, Prop.
E. K. Newell Paving
H. L. Newell, Simple and Fancy Groceries Simon Nelson, Shirtmaker

Mason Line

Maysville Business

E. P. Browning next to an example of the largest split-wheel pulleys
made by Maysville's Ohio Valley Pulley Works, which opened in 1896.

Ohio Valley Pulley Works Ohio Valley Pulley Works Maysville Business Ohio Valley Pulley Works
Ohio Valley Pulley Works
left, from a Facebook post by John Henderson
A little more on the Ohio Valley Pulley Works, from 1910, is here. An item from 1935 is here.

Mason Line

Ohio Valley Milkwork Maysville Business 
Ohio Valley Millwork
Likely in the 1937 flood
Frank Owens Hardware
  Read more about Frank
Owens here.

John O'Keefe, Toys & Confections Frank P. O'Donnell, Attorney at Law John Benson Orr
George W. Oldham, Reporter  Ohio River Lumber Company

Parker & Riley Maysville Business Pearce & Foster, Ice
Parker & Riley Livery Stable John T. Parker, Livery
& Sale Stable, on Sutton
Pearce & Foster, Ice
  Read more about John
T. Parker here.


Maysville, Kentucky Pasttime
Entrance to the Pastime Theatre, later the Hollywood Theater. A brief account of the various Maysville Theaters and Nickelodeons is here.

More on the Pastime here.

Maysville Business Maysville Business
The Pogue Distillery,
More here, and at this site.

J. W. Porter & Sons
Funeral Home, c. 1954

John W. Porter, Funeral Director

The Pogue Distillery, recently re-opened, has a history of its business at its web site.  


Kackley Poyntz Maysville Business New

Poyntz Bros.

Poyntz Bros. Wholesale Liquors The Poyntz Distillery Pogue and Poyntz
  From a Facebook post by Austin Gifford
Details about Poyntz Brothers at this site and here: Poyntz Brothers, Distillers

Princess Ring
The Princess Ring, a roller skating rink, on East Second Street

W. F. Power, Stoves, Ranges, Tinware, Etc. Pastime Theater



Queen's Used Cars, Second Street, c. 1958
From a Facebook post by Mark Heminger

new Maysville Business Maysville Business G. F. Brown's
Ready Mix, in Parade Decor, c. 1953
from a Facebook post by Mark Humphries
M. P. Redmond, Groceries Rogers' Limestone
G. W. Rogers Wholesale Liquors
  Read more about   M. P.
Redmond's here.
Details about Rogers at this site.  

the Right Spot Maysville Business Ryders
The Right Spot, on Forest
from a Facebook post by Tom Roberson,
picture by his Mother, August, 1939
Russell Broom Factory
More here.
W. H. Ryder's Paint Store



Maysville Business Maysville Business

Maysville Business

M. C. Russell Grocery Warehouses
M. C. Russell was the father of J. Barbour Russell.
Read more about J. Barbour here.
Read more about M.C. here.


Maysville, Kentucky


Maysville, Kentucky

New Russell Theater Russell Theater Russell Theater
 The Russell Theatre   The bill on the right is from the Washington Theater, J. B. Russell, prop., 1930; the other two are from the Russell Theater, 1931. From a Facebook posts by Janie Jett-Mason
Read the story of the grand opening of the Russell Theatre in December of 1930 here. A description of the Russell from 1935 is here.
The Russell Theatre has its own website which you can find here. The Russell Theater (pdf) is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Ryan's Packing Ryan's Drug Ryan's Drug
Ryan's Packing,
earlier, Weis Packing
Ryan's Drugs
from a Facebook post by Buddy Jacob Henderson
Ryan's Drugs

The Racket Store, L. H. Young & Co. R. and W. Rasp, Galvanized Iron Work Rain Brothers, Grain, Flour, Seeds, Etc.
Reed & Dawson,
Cement Contractors
C. L. Rosenham, Insurance J. H. Rogers, Distillery
W. H. Rees, Attorney at Law Ryder Paint Store Luther C. Reynolds, Attorney at Law

Mason Line