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2nd and Market, Maysville, Circa 1906
You're looking east on West 2nd.
That's Maysville's Mayor Tom Russell at the wheel, for sure.  We've also read that this was the very first car in Kentucky.  Maybe . . .

1907 flood

Maysville Ice Delivery Truck
Thought to be a Walker Electric Truck (Wikipedia)
From a Facebook post by Tony McFarland


Maysville,Kentucky Domino's
Standard Oil Station, at the foot of the Bridge, Tom Moran, proprietor.
(With a 1949 Studebaker on the left)
(from a Facebook post by Bob Chamblin)


Jimmy Lykins Service Station, The Right Spot
carved out of the corner of the Home Tobacco Warehouse,
Lexington and Forest
from the left, Jay Applegate, Holman Hamm, and James Hiatt

Maysville,Kentucky Maysville,Kentucky
Eugene Pyles and Son
Service Station, On
US 68, 7 miles from
East Side Auto Service,
 circa 1930
a.k.a. B & R Radio



Farley Motor Company


Maysville,Kentucky Maysville,Kentucky Maysville,Kentucky
Clark Motor Company
Ford Dealer
Keith and Keith Motor Car Company
Buick, Marquette and Oldsmobile
28 & 29 E. Second Street
Auto Inn
“In the center of the business
district on routes 68 and 10”



Gibson Motor Sales
Later, Tolle Brothers.
From a Facebook post by Ron Bailey


Thirty one cents Car Wash
Spur Station, later a Gulf Station, 1969.
Average wage in Kentucky in 1969 was $6,537.
from a Facebook post by Ron Bailey
Colonel George Bowers' Talk of
the Town Car Wash, Flemingsburg
Road at Lexington Street
from a Facebook post by Ron Bailey



Franklin Motors
“Pontiac, Buick, Cadillac, and GMC Trucks
2 miles south of Maysville on Rt. 68
We have the sharpest used cars in the state of Kentucky and Southern Ohio
(See us before you buy for a good deal)”

Buckley Autos Calvert's Maysville,Kentucky Maysville,Kentucky
Before it was Calvert's,
it was Buckley's
from a Facebook post
by John Henderson
Calvert Motors, with a 1967 Dodge Coronet 500.
That's Bill Calvert in the background
from a Lisa Collins post of Facebook
Calvert and Buckley
Hupmobile and Dodge
Brothers Cars
Calvert Motor Company,
Dodge & Plymouth
Read more about Calvert & Buckley here. And we note in passing that the sign on it says “Mayall & Calvert, Funeral Directors.”


Gibson Chevrolet The Limestone Motor Car Company Maysville Auto Company, Oakland Automobiles

Mason Line