Maysville Hospitals

Maysville Hospitals Maysville Hospitals Maysville Hospitals
The Wilson Hospital The Wilson Hospital Hayswood / Wilson Hospital


Wilson Hospital

Wilson Hospital
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Why the hospital has two different names is here.

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Hayswood, 1969

Maysville Hospitals Maysville Hospitals Maysville Hospitals
Hayswood Hospital,
The Wilson Hospital, Maysville 
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The New Hayswood
Hospital, Maysville



c. 1900. Before it was the hospital, it was a girl's academy. That's Prof. Hays with the beard. The property was subsequently purchased by Ms. Wilson and donated for a hospital in 1908.

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Michael Sweeney's history of Hayswood is here.

An older history of Hayswood is here.

A description of Hayswood in its better days.

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    The 1910 Maysville Public Ledger's Industrial Edition ran these portraits of all the doctors in the county:

Dr. S. R. Harover Dr. J. R. Cooper Dr. A. O. Taylor Dr. J. A. Dodson, D.D.S Dr. J. H. Samuel
Dr. William S. Yazell Dr. P.G. Smoot Dr. Woodson Taulbee Dr. H. K. Adamson Dr. D. Edward Morgan
Dr. Charles Sheridan Dr. A. G. Browning Dr. Thomas Pickett Dr. Leslie Brand Thomas H. N. Smith, D. D. S.
Dr. Ella Y. Hicks, Osteopath   W. C. Patton, M.D. G. M. Williams, D. D. S. F. P. Lang, D.D.S.

The cholera epidemic of 1873 in Maysville, here.

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