Maysville Residential Scene

Lang Anderson House Ball House Barber House
Lang Anderson House. More here. W. W. Ball's House, The Point
On Edgemont
James Barbour House


Residence    Maysville Residences

On Third Street, from the left, that's the Everett Mansion, then the Isaiah Wilson home, later owned by the Brisbois family, followed by the January house, also shown below.


Cochran Home Cochran Home Cochran House
Robert A. Cochran House January/Cochran House, 1876 Cochran House, 1904


Maysville Residential Scene Maysville Residential Scene Maysville Residential Scene Maysville Residential Scene

Residence of Federal Judge A. M. J. Cochran (Wikipedia); built by his grandfather, Andrew McConnell January, in 1838


BAldwin House BAldwin House Morgan House
  John “Roy” McElroy and Gertrude Cochran House, 1037 E. 2nd. In the 1937 Flood, and when new, c. 1923. From a Facebook post by a granddaughter, Mary Louise Baldwin Home of George Morgan, Jr. on Union Street, winter of 1950-51. From a Facebook post by son Jerry Wayne Morgan


Buffalo Trace Colonial Manor Cummins House Desha house
Buffalo Trace.
More about Buffalo Trace, here
Colonial Manor
More about Colonial Manor here.
J. H. Cummins House Desha Glen


Hargett House Huston House Everett House Everett House Archdeacon home
Hargett House
More here.
Huston House
More here.
The John Everett House was demolished to build this. Home of Mr. and Mrs. Archdeacon.


Maysville Residential Scene Kehoe House Grundy-Kehoe
Residence of Mr. J. N. Kehoe / Grundy House. More on this house here.


January House January House
The January House. More here.


Maysville Residential Scene Maysville Residential Scene
Kirk Apartments, c. 1920 The Kirk Apartment Building
Thanks! to Regina Stewart for this image

More on the Kirk Apartments at this site.


Many of the homes shown on this page are also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Each is a pdf. Each has historical information, pictures, and maps.
Armstrong Row Brett Richeson House Cox-Hord House Henry Peers House
Lee House Newdigate-Reed House Phillips' Folly Pogue House
  Rust House  


Lee House March  house Mathews House
Lee House.
More here.
M. F. March House J. L. Mathews House
616 E. Second


Mayfair Maysville Residential Scene
Mayfair Court
Published by Eyers Studio in Maysville


Maysville Residential Scene Mechanics Row
Maysville's “Little New Orleans” Mechanics Row. More here.

Pre-printed on the back of the card on the left, it says: “Maysville, Kentucky
This is the most photographed section of this historic city. The grill work, both on these homes and on many others in the city, is the result of the river traffic in the early days to New Orleans. River Boat captains modeled their homes, and those of the wealthy after those in New Orleans.”


Pearce House Phillips Folly Parker House
C.D. Pearce House
East Second
Phillips' Folly
more here.
Edward Parker House

More on the Phillips' Folly at this site.

New York Store New York Store
Fine Homes of Maysville, 1935 Mason County Infirmary
a.k.a, The Poor House


Maysville Residential Scene Rosser House Armstrong Row
Residence of Mrs. J. H. Rogers Colonel Rosser House   Armstrong Row


Russell House Maysville Residential Scene Maysville Residential Scene
J. Barber Russell's Mrs. M. C. Russell's
 House, 1910
M. C. Russell's Home,
c. 1890
Read about J. Barbour Russell's house here.  Read about Thomas M. Russell's house, here.



This fancy buggy awaits outside the Christian Church parsonage on Fourth Street


Maysville Home
April 1, 1913. That's Anabelle (Missy) Jackson Hall (Anderson), age 12 on the roof; James H. Hall, III and an unknown man in the boat; and 28.5 inches of water in the house. From a Facebook post by Thom Anderson


Maysville Home
“Colonial Manor, 510 Forest Avenue, c. 1900. It was the home of William F. Hall, the youngest of four sons of James H. Hall, Sr. who built the house during the late 1850's. The iron fencing surrounding the property was removed for a scrap metal drive during WWII. The property line extended from the Avenue along Limestone St. to the L&N tracks. The gardens were like a park and tended by three gardeners who lived on the premises. It actually became a bird sanctuary with many shrubs and trees purposefully planted to attract various avian species” Thom Anderson, writing on Facebook


x Samuel House Short House Woodlawn
Edgewood Place, 1876 Dr. J. H. Samuel House
24 West 3rd Street
J. T. Short House Woodlawn
more here

 Maysville Residential Scene
A Maysville Cottage, May 19,1909
 to Miss Susan Henry, Tonawanda, N. York “This is the picture of our abiding place here.  A much better view
ought to be.  The boys and their father disposed of the shrubbery you see  here, a very short time after our arrival.
 This is a fine  sunshiny day.  Birds singing, buds swelling, and some folks  gardening.”   O.H.B.

Maysville Residential Scene Maysville Residential Scene Maysville Residential Scene
A Suburban
Residence, Maysville
Thought to be a
Maysville Residence
 A Residence in
Maysville, 1914


Maysville Residential Scene

Maysville Residence from an early stereoview, c. 1880's


Maysville Residential Scene Maysville Residential Scene Maysville Residential Scene
Three Private
An East End Home 3rd Street


Balconies Maysville Residential Scene
In Kentucky did a short piece on Maysville balconies. All we know of this one is what it said in 1909 on the back:
“This is a sample of our work.  An interior in Maysville, Ky.”

Mason Line

Text, history, but no pictures are in this 1977 pdf from the National Register of Historical Places about Mason County's Cox/Hord House.
Pictures but no text are in this 1977 pdf from the National Register of Historical Places about Mason County's Lee House.
A few words on the old Spaulding House are here.  (pdf) Eleanor Duncan Wood's Old Houses of Mason County is here. (pdf)

Mason Line