Caproni's Caproni's
Caproni's Caproni's
Rosemary Clooney Street


Jake Caproni

Jake Caproni on is ice cream truck, 1909
From a Facebook post by Dottie Caproni



We'll let Dottie Caproni describe this one: “A recent conversation about The Original Caproni Grocery Store sent me into search mode. It was located at 135 W. 2nd St, and a photo of the inside of the grocery as attached. That's my grandfather, Joseph Caproni, and I assume the three men in back would be Joe, Laurence and Al, as they are the three who operated the Caproni Bros. Grocery and Meat Market on the 2nd & Sutton from the 1930's until c. 1970.” From a Facebook post by Dottie Caproni


Traxel' Fountain Traxel's
The Fountain Traxel's Restaurant, Bakery,
Confectionery,  and Soda Fountain

The late 1800's and early 1900's saw a breed of soda fountains decked out in marble, onyx, and brass with large mirrors and elegant decorative elements. The best fountains had gold trim with Tiffany lamps and Favril glasswork. They were not the kitsch designs of the 1950s diners and malt shops, with wild colors and over-the-top branding. Classic fountains were more akin to the greatest hotel bars in the world with classy, dignified decor.

A paragraph about Traxel's from 1910 is here.


Boone's Tavern

Boone's Tavern
(not Dan'l, but his kin)



Gene Lundergan's, across from St. Patrick's.
Mike Walton, Bucky Davis, Johnny Burrows, Jody Dwyer, Terry Huron, and Gerald Mellankamp. Bettie Bristow behind the counter.
From a Facebook post by Zoe Gillespie


The Old Dutch Inn

The Old Dutch Inn

Old Dutch Inn The Old Dutch Inn The Old Dutch Inn
The Old Dutch Inn
from a Facebook post by Tammy Gast
The Old Dutch Inn in the 1937 Flood
from a Facebook post by David Campbell
The Old Dutch Inn
from a Facebook post by John Henderson
The highest level the 1937 Flood reached “was in the Old Dutch Inn on 4th Street. There are some high water markers left around on buildings. It covered Third Street in some places, but not all. The high water mark was three feet under the current flood wall.” Harris Walker, posting on Facebook



Frisch's Menu, c. 1959
from a Facebook post by Jim Barbour / Ron Bailey

Mason Line