Owenton Church Owenton Church

Owenton's First Baptist Church, 1919, 1908

History of Owenton's First Baptist is here. (pdf)

Owenton Church

Owenton First Baptist Church
Mrs. Billie Elliston, Glencoe, Ky   “Am enjoying my vacation.
Will be glad to be back in Glencoe with my little ones and to see you.
Lovingly, Jennie Rice


“A serious trouble in the Owenton Baptist church has torn it asunder and driven
and turned out over one half of its members.  A case of too much discipline.”
 Williamstown Courier, November 3, 1892


“An extraordinary revival in religion is going on in Owenton. The meeting commenced three weeks since, and still continues. Over sixty additions to the church. Rev. H. McDonald, of Newport, has been sent to continue the meeting.” Courier-Journal, September 23,1870


Two seeders
The Catholic Standard and Times, October 10, 1914

Campbellites became a mainstream protestant church you most likely know as the Christian Church. Two seeders were a short-lived sect of the Predestinarian Baptist sect. Wikipedia can tell you more.


Owenton Church Owenton Church Owenton Church

Owenton Christian Church

A copy of the booklet issued on the One-Hundredth Anniversary
of the First Christian Church, from 1955, is here (pdf)

An eyewitness account of Owenton Christian's 1914 fire is here (pdf)


History of the Beech Grove Church is here. (pdf)