L & N  Butler


L & N  Butler L & N  Butler L & N  Butler
L & N Depot, Butler On the L&N, the "Atlantic Limited,"
leaving Butler, 1910. 
Thanks for this image to Ronald L Dunn
L&N Depot, Butler

Built in 1912 or 1882 - we've seen it both ways. Last passenger train in 1968. Attempts to save the structure failed when it burned.


L & N  Butler L & N  Butler L & N  Butler
Butler Depot, c. 1920 Butler Depot, c. 1880 The L&N Office Staff at
 Butler, Spring, 1930

 Butler Depot 

Butler Depot
From a Facebook post by Pendleton County Historical & Genealogical Society


L & N  Butler L & N  Butler
Largest Culvert on the K. C. Division, L&N RR August 10, 1900, before the underpass was built

The 1914 L&N Shippers' Guide had this description of Butler. 

L & N  Butler L & N  Butler L & N  Butler L & N  Butler
L & N  Butler Falmouth Train at Butler, 1903 Buttermilk Special in Butler, 1929
The L&N Magazine ran these two images of locomotives in
September, 1936.  One's in Berry, the other in Butler.
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Railroad crew in Butler, 1912
From a Facebook post by Denny Lipscombe


The University of Louisville Library is the home of the L&N company records. They're all on-line, here. They include a complete set of the digitized employee magazine.


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