Morgan, Kentucky



morgan, Kentucky Morgan PO Morgan PO
U.S. Post Office U.S. Post Office
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USPO, 1969


Morgan, Ky

At NKY Views, we try not to duplicate images already online at the Kenton County Library's Faces and Places section, which contains thousands of old Kentucky Post pictures among other things. But we're making an exception for this one, because it's a great image of the Morgan Post Office, and besides, there's a dog on the roof of that truck.

morgan, Kentucky morgan, Kentucky
R. H. Ewing & Son, 1969 Jenkins's General Store. Earlier run
by the Ewing family for 80 years.


Morgzn, Kentucky Morgzn, Kentucky Morgan, Ky
Church of Christ Christian Church Morgan Baptist
A History of the Church
of Christ is here.
History of the Morgan
Christian Church is here.
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Morgan Christian

Morgan Christian Church
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Morgan, Ky

Morgan Baptist
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Morgan, Ky
Ice at Morgan, 1978
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Pulling tobacco plants in Morgan
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morgan, kentucky

Louis Bower stands inside Pendleton County's Morgan Bridge during 1905 repairs. 
Maysville's Ledger-Independent has more on the Bower Bridge Company.


Bridge morgan, kentucky morgan, kentucky
Callensville - Morgan Bridge. In 1899, an issue of Municipal Engineering declared: “Morgan, Ky.-The old wooden bridge is in dangerous condition and a new iron bridge is suggested to replace it.” It was replace in 1941 by the bridge on the right. Callensville-Morgan Bridge


Morgan Bridge Morgan Bridge
1941 photograph showing, on the right, the cofferdam and forms for construction of one of two concrete piers beneath the Morgan Bridge. Once the new piers were complete, the covered bridge was demolished and the new concrete bridge was built on them and the old stone abutments. Laughlin Collection, Courtesy Debbie Dennie, from a Facebook post by Kentucky's Covered Bridges - A Baker's Dozen. MINUS ONE



morgan, kentucky

morgan, kentucky morgan, kentucky

morgan, kentucky

Read about Morgan's Mr. J. P. Moore, a.k.a. Jimmy Bees, and the pics above, here.

Read another account of the Bee Man of Morgan, here.

Moore's bees win prize for having the longest tongues, here.

The big ad is from a 1909 issue of the Bee-Keepers Review;
The small one from July 1882 issue of Gleanings in Bee Culture.

“Redlands, California, Sept. 10. - R. E. Fairchild today received a consignment of bees from Morgan, Ky, the lot numbering 56 queens and a number of workers to keep the queens company. Each queen and her consort were in a little box, with ventilated sides and there was also in the box a quantity of honey mixed with sugar sufficient to feed for the journey.” San Bernadino Sun, September 11, 1912



Morgan School Play Cast
Key to who's in the picture, here.
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Morgan, Ky
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Morgan, Ky morgan, ky morgan, ky
Morgan School
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Morgan School Morgan School and Gym

morgan, ky morgan, ky morgan, ky
More recent photo's of the former Morgan School
The old High School's on the right.
Morgan School, 1956
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Morgan School

Morgan School
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Bus Drivers

Morgan Bus Drivers, 1955
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Bus Drivers

Morgan Bus Drivers, 1955
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Murder in Callensville, 1877, here. Peggie Beckner's piece on Callensville is here. (pdf)
Ewing O. Cossaboom's History of Morgan is here. History of Morgan from the 1928 Gleaner, here.
The Farmers Bank of Morgan was incorporated on November 29, 1911. A list of the first officers is here.
The 1914 L&N Shippers' Guide had this description of Morgan. “A Morgan-station correspondent writing to the Covington Ticket under the date of June 1, says: ‘The Ku Klux have visited this neighborhood. They took Henry Winston and his son and son-in-law, beat them nearly to death, and then ordered them to leave, which they did,’” Courier-Journal, June 5, 1875
Morgan named after famous Civil War General John Hunt Morgan? More here. “The secesh ladies of the town of Morgan, Ky., feel very unpleasantly - they recently kissed a Federal officer by mistake, supposing him to be a rebel.”
-Gleason's Literary Companion, Vol. 5, 1864