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Boundary   Boundary   Boundary
  Trimble formed from Gallatin, 1837.   Trimble loses area to creation of Carroll, 1838.   Trimble gains area with Henry, 1843.
  Boundary changes in Trimble County since it's inception. In addition to those shown, there were two lesser changes involving unique property owners: in 1842 with Oldham, and in 1850 with Henry.


Trimble County Trimble County   Trimble County
Trimble County, 1889
red line is a proposed railroad
Trimble County, 1935
red lines are roads,  black lines are railroads
Trimble County, 1940
a map of magisterial districts

Milton, Kentucky

Madison West Madison East Carrollton
Mt. Byrd (1953) Milton (1953) Eastern Tip (1953)
Bethlehem Bedford Campbellsburg
Wise's Landing (1953) Bedford (1953) Providence (1952)
  Southern Tip (1961)  

Geo MAp

Geologic Structures, 1978

Milton, Kentucky

Trimble County
Robert Rennick drew this map showing locations of where, over time, there have been post offices in Trimble County.

Milton, Kentucky