Trimble Scenes

Trimble Scenes

1866 Map of Proposed Trimble Railroads
You'll want a key to all those red lines.  It's here.

Yeager Store Callis
Yeager's Store Callis Store

The application to put the Callis store on the National Register of Historic Places is here. (pdf)

The application to put the Yeager store on the National Register of Historic Places is here. (pdf)


Sam's,, on US 421 South
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Carroll County, Kentucky

Howard McEndre's on 42


Trimble Scenes Trimble Scenes Trimble Scenes

US 42, East of Bedford, 1932

Canip Creek

Ewingford Bridge


Trimble Scenes         Trimble Scenes

Two Trimble County Scenes from Harlan Hubbard

Indiana Republican, February 20, 1819


Wises Landing Wises Landing
Wises Landing Wises Landings' Barrickman's Store Closing
Details Details
from Trimble County Heritage

Alexandria (VA) Gazette, October 23, 1896


Hickory Grove
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Trimble Scenes Equity Barn
Wises Landing, 1979

Equity Barn in Wise's Landing

What's an equity barn? It's a barn where members of the equity store tobacco instead of selling it.
Why aren't they selling it? Because there's a tobacco war going on.

Milton, Kentucky

Dr. Tolten
Indianapolis News, March 4, 1897

Trimble Scenes

Corn Creek used to have a post office

Abraham King sells his farm in Corn Creek. In 1813. Here.


J. C. Yager
J. C. Yager's Store in Corn Creek is Closing, 1902


Trimble Scenes Trimble Scenes Trimble Scenes

Somewhere in
Trimble County

Morning in a Trimble County Meadow, 1933

Picking strawberries in
Trimble County, 1959


Trimble Scenes Trimble Scenes

The White Cottage, Sligo, Kentucky, just  across the line in Henry County

Just across the Trimble County line in Sulphur, Henry County

Milton, Kentucky

Helen Gould

“The steamer Helen M. Gould, on route to Louisville, Ky., sunk at Wise’s Landing, 15 miles
below Madison on the 30th.  No lives were lost.”  Jaspar (Ind.) Weekly Courier, November 6, 1903

The account of the Gould sinking But in 1914, she bravely fought thru the ice.

Milton, Kentucky

The Nov. 10, 1932 New York Times had a story on a half dozen or so election-related shootings in Kentucky, including one in Wise's Landing, where Clarence Carson was seriously wounded.  Charlie Simpson and his father, Pete Simpson, were arrested.
Clara Scott's History of Wises Landing is here. Trimble County celebrates the opening of US 42 in 1931, here.
“Representative Berry, of Kentucky, today requested the Post office Department to revoke, or at least to suspend, the order establishing the Bedford  . . .rural free delivery route in Kentucky.  Strong opposition from the patrons of Corn Creek  . . . is responsible for Mr. Berry's request.”   Cincinnati Enquirer, April 8, 1900
Postcard postmarked June 26, 1912 at Corncreek, Ky. , “to Miss Addie Housefield, Madison, Indiana.  Dear Addie,  Who are you looking for tonight?  I am down at Wise's Landing now.  There are lots of nice looking girls down here, but . . .?  Will see you later.”

Milton, Kentucky