burlngton government buildings

Burlington, Kentucky Burlington, Kentucky
Boone County Courthouse,
 c. 1890
Boone County Court House,
Note the cupolas on the above left two pictures. The large one in the far left pic was replaced in 1898 by the smaller on the right. The original was so heavy that it was pushing out the walls, which were unable to support its weight.


Burlington, Kentucky

Boone County Courthouse, 
c. 1930

A little more information on the early courthouses is here.

A lot more information about the courthouses are in a pdf from the Boone County Historical Commission's web site.

The Boone County Courthouse has a twin. Where? Bandera, Texas


Court House

from the Boone County Recorder, April 9, 1902


Burlington, Kentucky Burlington, Kentucky

   On the left is Boone County's second courthouse, built in 1817.
It was remodeled  in 1879, the result of which is shown on the right.
 The current “old” court house building, the third, replaced this building in 1889.
The first Courthouse, presumably a log building, served from January, 1801 to 1817.

Bricks in the 1818-1888 Courthouse seem to have been a problem.

Why did they build a new one in 1817?

And then there was a petition from the town of Union in 1888 to have the courthouse moved there.



The Boone County Recorder ran this picture of the Courthouse on February 17, 1909.
Local photography was not a capability most small town papers attempted. Obviously.


Burlington, Kentucky

Boone Court House Officials, 1950





Burlington, Kentucky Burlington, Kentucky map

Boone County Jail
Washington Street & Union Alley
image in the right is 1903; map locates jail

“The jail at Burlington, Boone county, a brick building, erected in 1854, was destroyed by fire on Monday night.
It was set on fire by an insane prisoner named Thomas Kirkpatrick.” Courier-Journal, January 7, 1875

In 1883, the jail is declared “not fit to keep hogs in.”
In 1884, prisoners kick open the jail doors and escape.
In 1885, here's the story of the newly remodeled jail.


Burlington, Kentucky

This is the Boone County Clerk's Building, built in 1853-4.  It stood across the street from the old Court House.  It was converted to a bank in 1889, and housed the Boone County Deposit Bank from 1889 to 1924.  When the bank left the building in 1924, the building was moved across Jefferson Street, and was used as the Burlington post office until 1959.  It was again moved in 2001-02, to behind the old Court House, and now serves as the home of the Boone County Historical Society.


Burlington, Kentucky Burlington, Kentucky

   Burlington Infirmary, Burlington (a. k. a. The Poorhouse)
(near where Maplewood is today)


 Burlington, Kentucky

Infirmary Residents, names unknown


Census of Northern Kentucky's Paupers in Almshouses, 1910, here.


There's a profusely illustrated history book on Burlington, in
 the Arcadia Images of America Series.