constance scenes

Constance, Kentucky Constance, Kentucky

Street Scene, near Constance.
Why do they say "Stringtown?"


Constance, Kentucky Constance, Kentucky Hessler's Camp
Going east, toward Ludlow Ohio River Scene near Constance
Hessler's Camp. Margaret Rensler, Anna Smith on the dock. Mt. St. Joe in the background. From a Facebook post by Dori Ostenkamp Lucas


Constance, Kentucky Constance, Kentucky Constance, Kentucky

Scene in Constance, 1916

Scene in Constance,
looking west

River Scene at Constance

Constance, Kentucky Constance, Kentucky Constance, Kentucky
Constance School from Dry
Creek Turnpike, Constance

Camp Hanauer, Constance, Kentucky

Lower River Road,
c. 1950's


Village Aghast as New Cockpit is Set in Midst, part 1, here.

Constance is Invaded by
Lawbreakers,  part 2, here.

Boone County Sheriff Responds to criticism in the cock-fighting stories, at the left, here.

A lynching in Constance is barely averting, in 1917. Story here. A Cincinnati man describes his experience at a showboat in Constance. The Rolsen House is on the National Register of Historic Places.
David Schroeder has written about the history of Constance at the NKY Magazine site
A few words on the Constance
School, 1930, here.
A “Bloody Affray” breaks out in Constance, in 1861, here

The Constance Post Office was open from 1855 to October 31, 1997. The Constance zip code was 41009.   R.I.P.


Big Bone became famous because of the number of its bones, and the fact that the bones were at one time very visible, laying on the ground. In truth, there are probably hundred and hundreds of similar sites, most of which are yet to be discovered. The clipping is from The Bourbon News (Paris, Ky), February 27, 1900.



Mt. Vernon (Ky) Signal, April 28, 1905


Constance, Kentucky

A remarkable shot showing Anderson Ferry in the distance, c. 1910
Thanks to Roseann Hogan for the image.



Picturesque view at Constance. Note the horse and buggy.
From a Facebook post by Boone County Local History Department


Constance Church

Constance Church of the Brethren. A little history of the church



A Conestoga wagon in Constance

Lots of things you associate with old westerns, were also happening in Norther Kentucky - shoot outs, stage coaches, cattle drives, and Conestoga wagons, to name a few.


Constance is named after German City of Konstanz, pretty pictures of which are at this site.
Note a tab on top of the screen that lets you choose a language other than German.


Constance, Kentucky Constance, Kentucky
US Post Office,
Constance, 41009
Bridge over Dry Creek, 1916



The gas - not hot air - balloon Goodyear in national balloon race lands in Constance.


Constance, Kentucky Constance, Kentucky

These two images  of Constance homes won prizes in photography contests in 1920.
We assume the prize winners were higher quality images than these that were available to us.



Last and least. Constance's Frances Gore models a wooden bathing suit. 1934.