Boone Maps

1804 Boone County


Boone County, Kentucky Boone County, Kentucky Boone County, Kentucky    
Boone County, 1899 Boone County, 1935
red lines are roads, 
black lines are railroads
Boone County
from a 1940 magisterial
district map

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Here's a complete set of 7.5 minute topographical maps of Boone County. Except for Lawrencburg, they are all from 1950-1953, as indicated. Make sure you're pdf viewer is set to 100% magnification to see them at their best.
  Hooven Addyston  
  W. North Bend (1954) E. North Bend (1953)  
Aurora Lawrnceburg Burlington Covington
Aurora (1953) Lawrenceburg Burlington (1951) Covington
Aberdeen Rising Sun Union Indendence
sliver (1953) Rising Sun (1951) Union (1950) Independence (1950)
  Patriot Verona Walton
  Patriot (1951) Verona (1950) Walton (1950)

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Boone County, Kentucky Boone County, Kentucky
A 1923 Boone County
Map, before I-75, before
 US 42, and before
the airport.
Topographic Map
of northeastern
 Boone County
from c. 1912


Rennick Map
Robert Rennick drew this map of the locations, over time, of many of the various Boone County post offices


Boone County, Kentucky

This map from the 1914 Statistical Atlas of the US and identifies the absolute center
of the US population in Boone County, Kentucky in 1880.  The exact spot is near an
airport viewing area near the south end of Mineola Pike.  There's an historical marker there.


Walton     Walton

These detailed maps (pdf's) of Walton from 1921 are Sanborn Fire Maps, originally created to assist insurance companies assess risk for underwriting fire insurance, hence “fire maps.” These should eventually be available, in color, from the Library of Congress' site for Sanborns. There are Walton maps for 1921 and 1927, but to our knowledge, only Walton was mapped in Boone County.

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Boone County Map

1931 Boone County Map
(which shows a lot of one-room schools)

Boone Frill