Walton, Kentucky Walton, Kentucky St. Clairs
Guy St. Clair’s Texaco Station
note water tower under construction on left
(Charlie Mike Holder says that's his car in the left photo!)
Guy and Ailene St. Clair, and Sergeant Russell
Groger in front of Guy’s Service Station, 1944.
from a Facebook post by Barbara Groger Keller


Walton, Kentucky Limaburg DSB
Walton Feed Mill
begun by Leonard Cook in 1924
The Dixie State Bank Branch, c. 1978


Chambers and Grubbs Business in Walton, Kentucky Chambers and Grubbs
from the Boone County Recorder, July 1, 1937 Chambers and Grubbs, 1945 Chambers and Grubbs, 1947
from a Facebook post by Barbara Groger Keller
Story of the grand opening is here.

Walton, Kentucky

Mayhugh Lumber on the left, Groger Trucking on the right
That’s Sue Evelyn Mann, next to the Walton-Verona tennis court, September 7, 1937
More info on the background scene is here.

More about that Mayhugh Lumber site, here.


Walton, Kentucky

A Section  of North Main, showing Mayhugh Lumber
Taken from a Sanborn Fire map
More on Sanborn Maps, and how to see the whole thing, here.


Walton, Kentucky

The building in the background is Stella Cluster's Grocery,
 just south of the Walton Feed Mill
 The girls  are Beverly Pruitt and Carol Kendall.


James Walton, Kentucky Walton, Kentucky Walton, Kentucky

The James Theatre
Before it was a theater, it was a Ford garage.
left, from a Facebook post by Barbara Groger Keller

Jimmy Falls' Gas Station,
Alta Vista & Dixie Highway


Young's Restaurant, 90 North Main
From a Facebook post by Mark Butler


Not the James

The James Theater, later, as an IGA store.
From a Facebook post by Jeanne Searcy Block


Walton, Kentucky Walton, Kentucky Walton, Kentucky
Lusby’s Grocery, You may also remember
it as Beighle Brothers Grocery, or maybe
Dixon's Restaurant, on the east side of Main,
directly across from Beaver Road.
Fred Jones’ Gas Station
Fairview Court & Dixie Highway
Barth Motors

Beighle Brothers sell their grocery, story here.


Chambers and Grubbs open their new funeral home.

Walton, Kentucky Walton, Kentucky

Walton, Kentucky

Scott Chambers Livery Stable
northeast corner of Locust and Main
Thanks! to Buddy Grubbs for this one.

Walton, Kentucky

Walton, Kentucky

Home and Funeral Coaches of C. Scott Chambers


“Our town [Walton] has a business appearance since the weather had moderated.  A good chance of tobacco receiving each day at the warehouse of Capt. A. I. Whipps.  The captain expects to handle a good deal of “the noxious weed” this season.” from the Newport Local, February 6, 1879.