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The Milford Mill
A 1905 painting by August Goeser

The Germantown Academy was established in 1886.

Milford, Kentucky Milford, Kentucky Milford, Kentucky

Milford, looking north,
1908, note iron bridge
at north end of town

Two Aerial views of Milford, c. 1908



Milford, Kentucky Milford, Kentucky

Milford Street Scene

Milford High School, 1937

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Milford is excited about getting a new bank. Grand opening story is here.

Hear about the cashier of Milford's bank who took up with a 17-year-old girl, took $50,000
of the bank's money and headed to New York City?  Read it here.

Milford becomes an official town (pdf) on March 21, 1870.

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Milford, Kentucky

LaMonda's Milford Garage

In 1989, the Courier Journal Magazine ran a feature story on
 Louis LaMonda and his service station.  You can read it here
The pictures accompanying it are the four below.

Milford, Kentucky Milford, Kentucky Milford, Kentucky Milford, Kentucky


Milford, Kentucky Milford, Kentucky Milford, Kentucky

Milford Garage, previously
a blacksmith shop

The Ogden General Store - 1930

Milford, 1939
From a Corp of Engineers
study for a Falmouth Dam


Milford, Kentucky Milford, Kentucky Milford, Kentucky

Brough's Store,

Interior of Everett Moore's
 Store in Milford

Milford School and
 Gym, 1941


Milford, Kentucky Milford, Kentucky
Milford Scenes
Thanks to Rodney Marsh for the above two images.


Milford, Kentucky

Home #175 from the Sears and Roebuck Catalog of 1913.  The catalog
says there was one sold to Springerton, Illinois; Peabody, Kansas; Brush,
Colorado; and Milford, Kentucky.  From $815 to $1,732.


Milford, Kentucky

from the August, 1916 issue of Field and Stream


Dry, dry, oh my it's dry
There ain't enough water to drown a sigh,
Tho' we're doin' fairly well right now, by Jing
But look out for the comin' Spring.

Crops are wretched and the outlook's forlorn
There's a mightly slim chance for Old King Corn,
Save your pennies and lay close to home
There's nuthin' in sight and still “dry as a bone.”
Thos. Ogden, Milford, Ky.
from the Maysville Public Ledger, July 10, 1914

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Night Rider victim wins civil suit. Night Riders on the move in Milford
  Night Riders set upon a Milford man shipping tobacco.  Incident here.
  If you're not familiar with the Night Riders, and the Kentucky Tobacco Wars of 1908 or so, you should read this page of our web site for a little background.


“An Iron bridge near Riley's Mill, below Milford, was washed from the foundation last Saturday night by the flood in the North Fork.  This bridge is in the neighborhood of 100 feet long.  Unless the bridge can be replaced, it will mean a loss of $1,000 to the county.” Falmouth Outlook, July 23, 1915 

The high waters referred to here were part of a huge weather system that brought torrential rains
 and devastating winds to much of Northern Kentucky on July 7, 1915.  See more here.

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“Near Milford, Thursday, Mr. Robertson, owner of the Santa Fe mills, shot his miller, Henry Pollard.  The ball
entered the bowels, and the wound will prove fatal.”  Courier-Journal, February 11, 1882

“Among the numerous enterprises brought into existence by the construction of the Covington and Lexington Railroad, is one recently set on foot by the people of Bracken county, to build a turnpike road from Milford in that county, to intersect the Railroad at Falmouth.” from the Louisville Daily Courier, October 8, 1853 Milford
Indianapolis Times, February 4, 1921
Maysville's Evening Bulletin, April 6, 1903
Fines on bootleggers free Milford from debt, 1922 Union troops spent the winter in Milford in 1861.

$50,000 fire hits Milford in 1956.  Story's here.

"Milford, Ky. was almost swept away by fire.  Loss about $100,000, with scarcely any insurance."
from Maysville's Evening Bulletin, 1889

The fire on April 18,1889 finds conditions in Milford “deplorable in the extreme,” and they make a desperate plea for aid. Read it here. More on the fire here.

Big 1915 sale of the Milford Mills, here.

A short history of the Milford Church is here (pdf)

The Library of Congress site has 15 (!) different pictures of Milford's Licking River Bridge, here.
“Kentucky has the liveliest centenarian yet produced. Lucy Kennon is her name. She is black, lives at Milford, Bracken county, and was formerly a slave. She is within a few days of being 123 years old, has been married seven times, and is the mother of twenty-three children; teeth sound, eye-sight good, hearing perfect, and memory astonishing. What is equally remarkable, she has always been an invalid, and never, within the recollection of the living, did a day’s work.” Russian River (California) Flag, June 1, 1876

Milford Shooting
The Cairo (IL) Bulletin, September 14, 1881


Happy Easter, from Everett Moore's General Store

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