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Augusta Ice The Frozen Ohio River, Bracken River Scene
Taking tobacco to market,
January, 1918
The Frozen Ohio River,
January 8, 1918
The Frozen Ohio River,
January 19, 1918


Bracken River Scene Bracken River Scene Bracken River Scene

Chilo - Bradford Ferry
(We've also seen it identified
as the Ripley Ferry)

Succession of boats on Ohio,
taken from Chilo, Ohio, 1908

Augusta, and steam barge
from Ohio Side, 1906

Augusta Ice

Swimming in the river every day. Postmarked Augusta, 1912


Steamer Henry A. Jones burns near Augusta in 1858.

Ohio River stage at two feet in 1827.


Dam 34 Bracken River Scene Lock and Dam
The Ice of 1934 at Dam 34. That's Chilo, Ohio, (top)
near Bradford, Ky
from Chilo,
looking toward Bradford
from a Facebook post by Jim Robb

Lock and Dam #34

There's a small Ohio River Museum in Chilo at the site of the old dam; their site is here.

Meldahl Locks and Dam
Historic Flood Levels at
Dam #34/Meldahl
Year Height
1937 73
1884 65
1913 64
1945 63
1883 61
1964 61
1907 59
1948 59
1997 59
1942 56


Bracken River Scene

Meldahl Construction, 1964


Bracken River Scene

Meldahl In Operation, 1968

Bracken River Scene

Captain Anthony Meldahl
A short biography
 of Meldahl is here.

Bracken River Scene

Captain Anthony Meldahl
 Locks & Dam

More info on the old and new Ohio River Locks and Dams is here.


Captain Anthony Meldahl Captain Anthony Meldahl Captain Anthony Meldahl
Captain Anthony Meldahl Locks & Dam, in various stages of construction

bracken line

"Floating castles of sin that are traveling down the Ohio, stopping at the river towns to steal the morals of deacons and elders, have been solemnly warned to paddle past Augusta or prepare to suffer the laws uncertain penalties."  Covington's The Ticket, October 17, 1876

Remember when the Ohio River wasn't a river, but a creek, starting at about Manchester, Ohio? No? That’s because you were born after the last glacier left the area.  Read all about it, here.

bracken line

Augusta Ice

The ice, in the winter of 1917-18 was brutal stuff. This is in January of 1918.


Bracken River Scene

Reportedly at Augusta, more or less at the turn of the century.

bracken line

Tobacco Wars of 1908 remind this old-timer about guarding the river in the Civil War.


Augusta - Spirituous and malt liquors are not sold in this city or in Bracken county, except by written prescription of a regular practicing physician, since the Local Option Law went into effect.  Perhaps a sicker set of people are not to be found on terra firma.  Doctors are sought after and prescriptions are begged for.  An Ohioan, living directly across from the river from Augusta has established a drinking house for the special benefit of those who will have liquor, and the result is that the ferryman is busy from early dawn until the dewey eve. Crossing and re-crossing the hundreds of thirsty pedestrians with their little brown jugs, filled with sparkling shamrock." From Covington's Daily Commonwealth, May 2, 1879.

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