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  Dayton School

Fifth Street School, Dayton, KY 1909

The Fifth Street School's name was changed to the Lincoln School on May 25, 1926 “in deference to the wishes of the Fifth Avenue Mothers' Club.”  The Mothers' Club offered to pay $25 to cover the costs of the change.  Kentucky Post, May 26, 1926.

Dayton, Ky

6th Street School, Dayton

Dayton School Dayton School

        Eighth Street School, Dayton, 1915
 a.k.a. Dayton High School, built in 1904, it burned on January 21, 1924
Five fire departments responded, but the water hydrants were frozen.


Rifle Range      John Wooden

October 18, 1911
The Dayton Basketball Team with John Wooden (in the sweater), the second greatest college basketball coach ever.
Or, the greatest ever, to people who've never heard of Adolph Rupp.
right, from a Facebook post by John Snyder


Dayton, Ky

Dayton Football Coach John McAfee played for the Bengals.
Not those Bengals. The prior, 1937–41 Cincinnati Bengals.
From a Facebook post by Cam Miller


Dayton, Ky

The Dayton Swastikas, 1928
Before Hitler commandeered it, the Swastika was a good luck symbol.
Nothing nefarious at all about the Dayton Swastika Club from 1928.
From a Facebook post by Cheryl Duncan Hussung

St. Bernard

St. Bernard School Dedication, 1925
From a Facebook post by Kathy Poos

Dayton School Dayton School Dayton School Dayton School
Second District School,
Dayton, 1907
Dayton High School,
Dayton, KY
St. Bernard School Dayton High School

The Dayton High School (the one from 1925-1983) is on the National Register of Historic Places.
The application (pdf) contains lots of images, history, and architectural details. From 1985.


Dayton School  

St. Francis School, c. 1910


Conservation club

Dayton Conservation Club, c. 1950's. Partial key.


Dayton School Dayton School
Dayton School Class
Photo by Wm. Brengelman
1954 Dayton Cheerleaders

Campbell Frill Line

A history of the financial footings of the Dayton Schools thru the Great Depression are available in D. L. Wetzel's University of Cincinnati Masters Thesis, titled Effect of an Economic Depression Upon a Small Industrial City. 

School population statistics from Wetzel's thesis are here.

Campbell Frill Line

Dayton's excerpt from Mary Lee Caldwell's History of Education of Campbell County.

Campbell Frill Line

Dayton Independent Schools' web site is here.

Campbell Frill Line