Campbell Frill Line

The Altamont Hotel was located on what is now Crown Avenue, and was nationally known for its mineral waters. It was later used a hospital for soldiers. Other mineral water resorts in Fort Thomas included the Avenel, and the Shelley Arms.

Campbell Frill Line

Fort Thomas, Kentucky Fort Thomas, Kentucky



Altamont, with Trails
 to the River


Fort Thomas, Kentucky Fort Thomas, Kentucky Fort Thomas, Kentucky Fort Thomas, Kentucky

  c. 1910


Fort Thomas, Kentucky Fort Thomas, Kentucky Fort Thomas, Kentucky
Sometimes the building on the
right is referred to as  the
Altamont's Annex . . .
 . . .other times it's referred
to as the Shelly Arms, as in . . .
 . . . The Shelly Arms

Shelly Arms

The Shelly for sale
From a Facebook post by Eddie Donlin

Fort Thomas, Kentucky Fort Thomas, Kentucky

This Altamont Springs
 ad is from 1918

The menu from the banquet of the Third
Annual Convention of the Associated
Advertising Clubs of America, held at
the Altamont in 1907


“United States Public Health Service Hospital No. 69, Newport, Ky.  This station is leased property, formerly known as the Altamont Hotel, and was opened in February, 1921.  It has a capacity of 100 beds, and when remodeling work is completed it will increase the capacity to 150 beds. - Surg. W. A. Korn, medical officer in charge.”
from the Annual Report of the Surgeon General, 1921.
“Winter Rates Go into effect October 1 and continue to May 1, 1907.  Delightful accommodations (single  rooms or a suite) can be obtained at an exceptionally low price during this period.  Before going somewhere else, it would be well to investigate what the Altamont offers.  Only 35 minutes  from Fountain square, Cincinnati, on the Fort  Thomas  car line.  For rates and full information, address  Claude Foley, Manager, Altamont Hotel, Ft. Thomas,  Ky. Tel. South 600.”
“Those who, in reaching Louisville, passed through Cincinnati were held up there and taken in tow by Frank Fredericks and others, including a squad from the Ohio Valley Druggists Association, and piloted around.  Fort Thomas, Kentucky, and the Cincinnati Zoo were the principal show points.  The luncheon at the Altamont Hotel on the bluffs above the Ohio River on the Kentucky side was one of the most enjoyable features of the entire trip.”from The Druggists Circular, Vol. 53, 1909.


Altamont Altamont Altamont Altamont
Enquirer Ad,
June 27, 1915
Enquirer Ad,
June 17, 1915
Enquirer Ad,
November 2, 1908
Enquirer Ad,
September, 1912
Thanks to Eric Geiman for these.
Eric created this timeline of The Altamont's history

Description of the Altamont from 1909

Fort Thomas, Kentucky Fort Thomas, Kentucky
The Altamont Water Towers
A little background is here.
An Advertisement Page
 from a Travel Book

Fort Thomas, Kentucky

Altamont Hotel, Fort Thomas, near Cincinnati,
in the Kentucky Highlands, 1912

 to Miss Mary Eisenschmidt, 402 North Road, Guthrie, Oklahoma
Hello Mary: You ought to be here to root for our football team. They are not doing extra. I'm getting along OK at school on the whole. I don't like our algebra teacher, though. Thank you for those schools[?] you sent me. Received the pictures to-day. Think they are fine. I would like to run in and take my music lesson with you. I fear I will never be a great pianist. Vernon



The last days
The Kentucky Post, July 24, 1914


Fort Thomas, Kentucky            Fort Thomas, Kentucky

These are both views of the Cincinnati Waterworks, in California, Ohio. 
The Altamont is the building high on the hill in the background of these.

By the 1920's business had declined, and the Altamont was sold at auction. Story here.

Campbell Frill Line