Evergreen Southgate, Ky
Evergreen Cemetery, c. 1910 Entrance to Evergreen Cemetery, c. 1910
A brief history of Evergreen is here; a little more detail here.

The Newport Cemetery Company changed its name to Evergreen in 1880.


Southgate, Ky Southgate, Ky Southgate, Ky
   Heidelberg Pleasure Resort, it was where St. Therese is today on US 27.



The original St. Therese, September 6, 1947
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Southgate, Ky

This is the first location of St. Therese, established August 15, 1927
 in the building which formerly housed Heidelberg Resort.  The current
St. Therese is built on the same site.

Diocese of Covington buys site of “noted roadhouse” in Southgate, 1927.
The St. Therese Fish Fry. In 1927. The St. Therese first mass, 1927.
The Diocese buys land on Alexandria Pike for a new church in 1927. The Rev. Paul E. Ryan's History of St. Therese is here.


The Bell The Bell
The bell from an old Newport fire station went to St. Terese, but its location has been lost. Details.


An 1874 magazine, Chic, said that the Heidelberg Garden was a 5 cent trolley ride from Cincinnati, and that proprietor Kettenacker had set it up for families, with swings, bowling alleys, and “Wiedemann's famous Bohemian Beer always on tap.”

One visitor's rave review is here.



1906. The streetcar line went up Electric Avenue to Retreat Street.
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Howard and Elizabeth Davis owned the Davis Fox Farm where they raised silver foxes on what would later be the site of Beverly Hills
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  Southgate, Ky

The New Heidelberg


Southgate, Ky Southgate, Ky Southgate, Ky
Southgate Methodist
 Church, circa 1910
Southgate Business
District, 1948
Tornado of 1915. Find
out much more about
this devastating storm here.
Cornerstone laid.    


Twin Lakes

Belle Acres Twin Lakes
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Berrys Lake Berrys Lake Berrys Lake
Berry Lake, named for Albert Seaton Berry. It was a pay lake, with some cottages later on its shores. Southgate's Municipal Building and Community Center are on the site today. Belle Acres was a later name for the same place.
From a Facebook posts by J. E. Venneman of pictures taken by his gr-grandfather, Clarence Boeckley.


Southgate, Ky Southgate, Ky Southgate, Ky 
Specht's Pharmacy,
Walnut & Electric
Wm. Speck  & Co.. Florists,
1910, at the northeast corner of Willow
and Alexandria Pike
Term Finance on
 Alexandria Pike


Southgate, Ky southgate

Knobloch Motors, a Nash Dealer



Southgate Methodist, on Blatt Avenue, c. 1936
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Lodge Lodge Evergreen
Sleepy Hollow Lodge, Evergreen and Alexandria Pike
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Bridge at Willow and Evergreen
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Berrys Lake Moock Road
Venneman Home on Evergreen Moock Road
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Southgate, Ky

City Hall, c. 1938


Southgate, Ky Southgate, Ky
Lake Albert, 1927 Bell Acres, 1948
Lake Albert was on the west side of US 27, a little north of where Willow meets the highway.

  Lake Albert

Map showing Lake Albert


Southgate, Ky Evergreen
Evergreen Cemetery
Evergreen Cemetery
Shelter House


Southgate, Ky Bluegrass Inn Academy of Notre Dame of Providence
Southgate, Ky Southgate, Ky Southgate, Ky
Southgate, Ky Southgate, Ky Southgate, Ky
Southgate, Ky Southgate, Ky Southgate, Ky

  The Blue Grass Inn, in the Beautiful 
Kentucky Highlands, Southgate, Kentucky
 The All Seasons Hotel is reached via Alexandria 
Pike by auto or Monmouth Street Cars, only 17 
minutes from Fountain Square, Cincinnati, O.  European Plan. 
Frank N. Schoonmaker, proprietor.


Midnight Law
New York Clipper, July 11, 1917

Bluegrass Avenue was originally designed as an entrance to the Bluegrass Inn, which was at the top of the hill about where the Southgate/Newport line is.  From its construction in 1907-08, to its eventual opening on May 19, 1910, to a fire on February 7, 1915, it was never profitable, and went thru a series of owners, suits and bankruptcies.


Southgate, Ky Southgate, Ky

  Blue Grass Inn Menu, 1913


El Greco Menu El Greco Menu El Greco Menu El Greco Menu
El Greco menu, 1978



From a Facebook post by Katherine Hoffert Rack


Southgate, Ky Southgate, Ky Southgate, Ky

  Early Southgate Fire Departments


Southgate Firemen

The first Southgate Life Squad.
Contributed by Nancy Meyers, who tells us: “The first Southgate Life Squad. A station wagon was purchased in 1965 or 1966 and made into a fully equipped squad. It all began with an idea submitted to Fire Chief Muench by Harvey Lipscomb (seated) and Paul H. Meyers. Shown standing are, left to right: Paul Myers, Frank Bertsch, and Roy Stein.” Thanks, Nancy.


F & N Steakhouse
Believed to be Chief Jim Carson
From a Facebook post by Steve Schwalbach


Southgate, Ky Southgate, Ky Southgate, Ky
The Southgate Fire Engine, circa 1940 Southgate Fire
Department, 1941


The stone quarry was “two miles out of Newport on the Alexandria Pike.”


Southgate ad
The Catholic Telegraph, July 11, 1929


In 1895, The Shaler Family divide their estate into 200 building lots and announce an auction of building lots, here, which was a big success, story here.

The Spring of 1907 was a happening time for the City of Southgate. The citizens take steps to organize, announces big plans, incorporates, celebrates the incorporation, and two weeks later starts annexing more territory.

“Mrs. Antoinette Beccard, Southgate, Ky., famous as the “flower woman,” today received a note of thanks from President Harding for a huge bouquet of roses sent for his inauguration. Mrs. Beccard, who is 72 years old, began selling flowers on the Cincinnati streets when she was 16 years old.” Courier-Journal, March 19, 1921
A history of the Southgate schools is here. Cliff Specht's amended history of Southgate is here.