ohio river scenes

Ohio River Kids in the Ohio

Confluence of the Kentucky and the Ohio Rivers, c. 1910

Kids in the Ohio, 1906


Ohio River 

Ele Bowen's 1855 Sketch of Carrollton
Bowen went down the Ohio in 1855 and wrote about most of the
places he passed.  Read his description of Carrollton here.

Unfathomed Bottom

Unfathomed Bottom at Mouth of the Kentucky
Handwritten on the back: “1917. Ten miles below here is a place where they have never been able to find the bottom.”

Butler Park

Carrollton from the Ohio, c. 1930's


Confluence Ohio River Ohio River Ohio River
The Confluence, c. 1910 Ohio River Bend, 1914 The Mouth of the
Kentucky River, 1908
The Mouth of the
 Kentucky River, 1908


The steamer Hattie Brown passes a mussel shell fisherman,
“an industry of this section.”

Ohio River Ohio River Ohio River
Foot of Fifth Street,
View from Pineview,
home of W. E. Fisher
Coal Barges
near Carrollton

NewFred Wilson

The Fred Wilson sank pushing coal barges above Ghent near Vevay Island.

carroll line

“A big crowd collected on the river bank to see the elephant swim the river, but it was ferried over. Eight little boys, however, fell over the bank and were rescued with difficulty.” The Commonwealth, October 18, 1877, reprinting an item from the Carrollton Democrat.

carroll line

Ohio River Ohio River Ohio River Scene
Fifth Street Landing, 1908
to Mrs. Forest More, North Vernon, Indiana. 
“You ought to see the different
kinds of people over here”
Confluence of the Ohio
& Kentucky Rivers,
1937 Flood
Ohio River Scene, c. 1910


wharf boat

The Carrollton Wharf Boat, c. 1960's

carroll line

Flooding wasn't nearly the problem on the river that ice was: 


The Princess in the ice at Carrollton, 1917-18

Steamer Steamer Steamer

January 30, 1918
That's the steamer Princess on the left, the Eugene Dana Smith in the center, and the Success, caught
at the mouth of the Kentucky, during the great ice of 1917-18.  The picture on the left was taken
just several minutes after the one in the center; the pic on the right is the boat in the
accompanying story, but was not taken at Carrollton.  Full details on the whole episode here.

The Clifton was destroyed in the ice of 1881.

Ice Ice
Ice, unknown year   Ice, 1918

Nothing scared and worried the old river men more than ice. When the ice gorges broke, and they always broke, it was absolute terror to be on the river. You can get a real flavor for why in this account of the ice of 1877. The Carrollton  Democrat's account of another ice jam breaking loose two years later is here, and another account is here.

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“Carrollton, Ky., Nov. 26, - The Kentucky river came out on one of her greatest tears.  The barges at the coal yard of the Grobmyer Coal Co. and 200 fine saw logs belonging to the Adkinson Bros. were carried away.”   from Maysville's Daily Public Ledger, November 26, 1900
The Gallatin Ohio Steam Boat Company was formed in 1816.

More info on the old and new Ohio River Locks and Dams is here.

Water levels and elevations at various Carrollton points.

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