Ghent, Kentucky
Ghent Deposit Bank, September 28, 1911, decorated for a Confederate Veterans reunion in Ghent.
The Ghent Deposit Bank was chartered in 1887, and placed into receivership by the State Banking Commission on June 26, 1937. At the time, it had 598 depositors. The FDIC covered $168,717 out of the $175,682 on deposit. The bank had $118,920 in loans outstanding, but it also had $41,588 in Other Assets, a good deal of which were likely repossessions or foreclosed properties, not an unlikely scenario in the years just after the great depression, and the cause of many a bank collapse in that era.


Roberts Store

W. A. Roberts' Grocery
Also in the picture is Jennie Tompkins Langstaff, his clerk


Ghent, Kentucky
Scott-Land Gardens
Grand Opening of Scotland Gardens in Ghent was on July 4, 1934. Under new management at that point, it advertised a “Special Feature - Dancing,” from 1 to 6 pm and from 8 pm to ?. Music was by the Dillebar Orchestra from Louisville. Tickets for both sessions, $1 per couple.  They advertised swimming and picnic grounds would be open.  B. B. Robertson and H. M. Cogswell were the managers.


Tingles Tingles Tingles
Tingles Restaurant, visited by vintage cars, c. 1965
From a Facebook post by Bill Davis
Tingles, and the Platz Garage Building
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Kleesattel - Bersot House


Kleesattel-Bersot House, faces Main Cross at the corner of Liberty, blacksmith shop on the left,
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Dee Brunton, at the Ghent Marathon Station From a Facebook post by Lee Hanlon


The old Ghent town jail From a Facebook post by Bill Davis

It's said that the builder of the new jail in Ghent, sometime in the 1800's, spent some of his earnings for the job on alcohol, became drunk, and was the first man locked up in the jail.


Last Day Princess Main Street
The Last Day of the Ghent post office.
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Ghent, c. 1950. Details. In front of the Welcome Inn apartments, c. WWII
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Ghent, Kentucky Ghent, Kentucky Ghent, Kentucky
Keene Drug Company's Store Harris Pool Room Ghent Barber Shop. That's
Sim Lowry in the left chair

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There's a web site dedicated to reporting how clean, or dirty, various
power plants are.  Click around on their site, here.  Ghent the
most polluting power plant in Kentucky?  They say yes.

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