Carlsbad Springs Hotel Carlsbad Springs Hotel Carlsbad Springs Hotel
The Carlsbad
Mineral Well
The Carlsbad
Bottling Works
The interior of the
Carlsbad Bottling Works



Carlsbad's 1914 International Harvester omnibus.
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Carlsbad Carlsbad Springs Hotel

Carlsbad Mineral Water Company, 1931

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Golf Course Golf Course
Proposed Golf Course Proposed New Resort
A stock offering in 1913 would have created, they said, a new golf course, and a bigger resort hotel. Read the stock offering brochure here. (pdf)


Carlsbad Carlsbad
  Carlsbad went to a bankruptcy auction in 1917 . . . . . . but re-opened in 1918.



Dry Ridge, Kentucky tried to change the town name to “Carlsbad” in 1911, but the Post Office Department denied the change.  Read more. A second account.
The 1927 Dry Ridge fire took out the Carlsbad, and much more. Stories from the first day and the second day.
After the fire, the property is bought by a Walton attorney in 1929. We note that the attorney was the bankruptcy trustee in 1917, above. The business is re-opened in 1931.
Chemical Analysis, done on the water, by UK in 1931, is here. A little background on the Carlsbad mineral well is here.

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A re-build of the Carlsbad, 1938


Carlsbad Hotel


A pair of Carlsbad ads from 1913 and 1914.


Carlsbad Springs Hotel Carlsbad Springs Hotel Carlsbad Springs Hotel
Carlsbad Mineral Well
and Hotel
Kentucky Carlsbad
Mineral Water
Ad touting the claims of
the Carlsbad's  water

Your chance to buy stock in the Carlsbad, 1913.

Carlsbad Carlsbad
  Kentucky Post, September 6, 1911 Cincinnati Post, May 13, 1920

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