covington businesses

Covington Business Covington Business
11th & Scott, 1925

“Covington” Exchange,
11th & Scott, 1922 


South Exchange Covington Business
Inside the South Exchange, 1915 “South” Exchange,
4th and Court, 1922


South Exchange South Exchange South Exchange South Exchange
The South Exchange in the 1937 Flood. Generators were brought in the insure the phone system remained operative in the event of electrical outages.


Fort Mitchell Pumper Fort Mitchell Pumper
The South Fort Mitchell Fire Truck was used to pump water from the basement of the Covington South Telephone Exchange in the 1937 Flood.



B. B. Hume's Automobile Garage, at 330 Scott. That's a Hupmobile (Wikipedia), on the 1916 Hupmobile United America Tour.


Covington Business Summe and Ratterman
On E 7th St Between Madison & Scott,
on the North Side of the Street. Fulton's
Fish Market. The Man with the Apron is
Albert F Schneider, c. June 1914.
Summe & Ratterman, c. 1914,
224 E. 20th St. That's Gus Summe.
Closed in 1965.
from a Facebook post by Sandy Koors


Covington Wine and Family Grocery, R. White
Ad from the July 17, 1852 issue of the Covington Journal, which,
ironically, also carried the story of the fire that destroyed it.


Covington Business Covington Business Covington Business
looking northwest,
2nd between Scott and Court
looking northeast,
from 2nd and Scott
looking south,
from Suspension bridge

Champion Ice Manufacturing & Cold Storage


4th and Scott Larry's Grocery


Fourth & Scott, c. 1910

Larry Schewalbach's Grocery, 1301 Scott, c. 1950
From a Facebook post by Steve Schwalbach

Union Light, Heat & Power, a.k.a. the Traction Building



Colonial Gas Station on Scott



George Massman's Drug Store, 11th & Greenup
From a Facebook post by Dale Ashcraft, whose Uncle, Herbert Andrew Hahn is on the left.


A & P

The Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, the A&P
7th and Scott, April, 1935
From a Facebook post by Bonnie Hoffman

Covington Business Covington Business Covington Business Covington Business

Four Views of the Boros Brothers Building, at 116-120 E. Second Street, April, 1986.
Barry Pepper was the photographer of these scenes.



New Hotel at 6th and Scott?
(always take going-to-be stories with a skeptical eye)


Covington Business Covington Business
Lovell and Buffington Tobacco,
Company 235 Scott
Lovell and Buffington,
Tobacco Dealers
229-235 Scott in Covington

Manufacturers of Fountain Fine Cut, Bull Dog Twist, Bull Dog Cut Plug, White Seal Long Cut

Lovell and Buffington were one of the few independent buyers of tobacco in the Tobacco Wars of 1908.


Covington Business

Eastern Avenue at Durrett
The 1930 Covington City Plan cited this building
as a bad example: a business in a residential neighborhood.
A big thanks to Joyce Snow and her friends for identifying the location.


Covington Business Covington Business
Kay's Laundry and Dry Cleaning,
 c. 1950
204 Greenup Street
Sanitary Laundry,
210-12 Greenup Street


Kays Laundry Kays Laundry
Kays Laundry
Kays Laundry 1937 Flood Souvenir.
from a Facebook post by Michelle Edmonds


Malart's Massman's Malart's
Malart's, 8th & Greenup

Massman's Drug Store, s.e.c. 11th & Greenup
From a Facebook post by Dale Ashcraft

Mi Co Meter Company
231 Court


Covington Business Sidener

Davezac's Building on Court
Street, 1892

Sidener Publishing
1333 Scott Blvd.


Covington Business Milward & Oldershaw was  a pork slaughtering house. 

Details here, here, here, and here!
Milward & Oldershaw, circa 1850
Between Robbins and Eleventh, on the Licking.
They slaughtered 3,000 hogs daily here. 
The building burned down in 1857.
Detailed drawings of the hog
butchering process in 1873 are here.
“Covington has slaughtered 17,500 hogs this season” Courier-Journal, January 10, 1870



George “Cyclone” Maher
Read a little more about this famous Covington cyclist here.


Covington Business Covington Business
Roland Cab,
107 E. 5th Street,
Larry Blank's Covington Cycles,
31 E. 5th Street, 1940


Covington Business Covington Business Covington Business
Michaels Art Bronze Co,
c. 1940
3rd & Scott
The Kenworth Shoe Company
1922, 515 Scott Street, Makers
of high grade shoes for ladies
Advance Millwork
800 Garrard



Joe's Super Station had its grand opening on June 26, 1931 at Third and Greenup. It featured “a special greasing and alemiteing [Wikipedia] department, auto top repair, battery and tire service, etc. United Petroleum Fleet Wing Ethyl and high grade oils will be handled exclusively.”


Covington Business Covington Business

Hemingray's on Second Street at Scott, Manufacturers of Electric Insulators


Covington Business Covington Business Covington Business
R. A. Jones,
c. 1940
15th & Kendall
The Moser Bros Co., Inc.
s.w. corner 2nd & Greenup
Covington Coal and Sand Co.
Offices, 509-511 Madison
Elevator, 13th St & Licking River


“The boiler in Phelps & Jordan's Rolling Mill at Covington exploded at noon to-day, and destroyed the building.  Eight persons were dangerously wounded, and a great many were injured, as about 200 persons were working at and around the building.  The boiler was carried 200 feet and fell into the Licking River.  The explosion is attributed to the neglect of the engineer.” from the New York Times, April 6, 1853


“The Covington Glass Works turn out fruit jars at the rate of 10,000 a day.” from the Covington Journal, July 17, 1869


A $250,000 fire destroys the Kenton Woolen Mills in 1867, here.