Covington Fraternals

Covington fraternals Covington fraternals
Moose Lodge, 1927
118 West Fifth
Covington Lodge of
Elks, No. 314
34 West Fifth Street


Covington fraternals Covington fraternals Covington fraternals
Covington Aerie No. 329,
Fraternal Order of Eagles
16 East Eighth Street
Masonic Temple,
n.w. corner of
Fourth and Scott
The Masonic Temple
Association, Covington,
n.w. corner, 4th & Scott


Covington fraternals Covington fraternals Covington fraternals
Covington Turgenmeide
(Old Turner Hall)
New Turner Building
(moved to here in 1870)
Tornado damage at the
Turners, July 7, 1915

“ On Saturday and Monday evenings a grand performance of wonders and mysteries will be given [at Turner Hall]. Prof. Mantog, the wonder of the world, will swallow nine swords at one time, handle red hot bars of iron with his hands, drink molten lead, dance on red-hot plates, bite red-hot bars of iron, and pass himself through a twelve-inch hoop with a twenty-two inch blade down his throat. A bloodless man will pass knives, needles, and pins through his flesh, and have a 300 pound rock broken on his breast with a sledge. Rhoda, a body-less woman with her head suspended in the air, will be on exhibition. Don't fail to see them; it will be a good show. Admission as usual.” from Covington's Daily Commonwealth, September 16, 1882


Membership list of the Covington Knights Templar from 1910 is here.

“The Workmen's Association of Covington are opposed to Chinese immigrants and intend a remonstration with President Grant on the subject.”
from the Courier-Journal, August 20, 1869

Covington's Hibernians were organized in 1875.

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How many fraternal organizations were there in Covington in 1922? We count 77. There's a list here.

The 1910 list is here.