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Louisville and Nashville Railroad*

L and N Railroad L and N Railroad L and N Railroad
Kentucky Central Railroad
Depot, circa 1880,
Eighth & Washington
The Kentucky Central came into
Covington and terminated at the
Eighth and Washington Depot.
In Central Covington,
c. 1901


An earlier instance of what would become the L&N.
from the July 17, 1852 issue of the Covington Journal


L and N Railroad L and N Railroad L and N Railroad
The L&N Covington
Freight Boys, 1929
Covington Car Shop
 Employees, 1930
Covington Passenger
Station Employees, 1931


L and N Railroad L and N Railroad
Covington Wheel and Axle Shop, 1927 Covington Engine Shop, c. 1910


Train Passenger Train Passenger
Passenger train arriving in Covington
from a Facebook post by Chuck Eilerman
The Pan American comes south, June 1969
from a Facebook post by Frank Michaels


L and N Railroad L and N Railroad
 The C&O Railroad Station. Also used by the L&N, it lasted until August of 1922. Located at 8th & Russell


L and N Railroad L and N Railroad
Details on these two scenes at the Covington Depot are here .



L&N coal train moves north, just south of 19th Street.
November, 1978.
From an Instagram post by Chris Mayhew
kenton line

System Map of the Cincinnati, Newport, and Covington Railway, a.k.a. the CNC, a.k.a. the Green Line, is here. The L & N Historical Society is here, or you can join the online L&N discussion group at Yahoo, here.
“Capt. A. J. Harrington, Deputy United States Marshall, who was arrested on Thursday night for shooting at a negro porter, at the Short-line depot, Covington, was arraigned before the Mayor of that city on Friday, when he waived examination, and gave bail in the sum of $200 for his appearance at the Criminal Court in January. He claims that the shooting was an accident.” Courier-Journal, December 13, 1871
In 1926 the L&N Employee Magazine ran a feature (pdf) on Covington and it's attractions.
"The 'Mule' and the 'Pony,' two small locomotives for road work on the C. & L. R. R., reached this city a few days ago, from the Boston Locomotive Works, and have been placed upon the tracks." - from Covington's The Journal, April 8, 1854.

* Briefly, the Kentucky Central was the earliest line of what became the L&N in Covington.  It came up from Falmouth and points south, ran thru Latonia, and terminated at the Eighth and Washington Depot.  The Short Line, a.k.a. the L&N to Louisville, was a later addition.  The L&N later merged with the Seaboard Air Lines (an oddly named railroad whose stock was the only railroad's to go up after Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic), to form the Family Lines, which later merged with Chessie (an amalgam of the C&O and the B&O) to form CSX (C for Chessie, S for Seaboard, and X for the yet to be named merged entity).  The C&O came up river from Maysville and Augusta, and crossed into Covington from Newport around 15th street. CSX was to be an interim name for the merged railroads, but they decided they liked it so well, or they had such little imagination, they kept it.  A more detailed explanation of the Kentucky Central is below. And no, Kentucky's Short Line is not the one in the game Monopoly. It's called the Short Line because the track gauge, originally, changed outside of Louisville, meaning trains couldn't get all the way into the city.

The Short Line's schedule from April, 1879. L&N Tunnel work continues.
Dr. Joseph Gastright's History of the Kentucky Central
Railroad is in three parts: (pdf's)
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

kenton line