Elsmere, Kentucky
                  The northern most point of Elsmere.
That tree was the virtual dividing line between Erlanger and Elsmere.
Note Arcaro's across Dixie in Erlanger.


Elsmere became an official city on May 11, 1896; Erlanger on January 25, 1897. You can read that Erlanger incorporated as a separate city from Elsmere to prevent annexation by Elsmere. True? Maybe.

Elsmere, Kentucky Elsmere, Kentucky Elsmere, Kentucky

The card says this is Erlanger,
 but this is Elsmere, and 
the C. & Q. R. R.

Elsmere Depot, June, 1925
(a Kentuckiana Virtual Library image)
That's Garvey Avenue in
the back on the right
Elsmere, Kentucky Above, the Timetable
for the C.N.O. & T. P.
Earlier incarnations of the Railroad through
Elsmere were the the C. & Q. R. R. (the Queen
and Crescent), and the C.N.O. & T. P. (The
Cincinnati, News Orleans, and Texas Pacific). 
Both were earlier names of the Southern Railway,
now the Norfolk Southern.
The Elsmere Depot, from the back side


Elsmere School

Elsmere, Kentucky Elsmere, Kentucky
Elsmere School, 1899
On Central Row
Central School, Elsmere Elsmere School Teachers, c. 1929



From a Facebook post by Beverly Sturgeon


St. Henry's St. Henry's
St. Henry, May 17, 1936 St. Henry Campus, 1951

St. Henry's

St. Henry's layout, 1909

Erlanger, Kentucky, Churches Erlanger, Kentucky, Churches Erlanger, Kentucky, Churches St. Henry
St. Henry, 1911
The Dixie News ran a short
 history of St. Henry, here.  (pdf)
St. Henry's Priest's House St. Henry's Grade School Dedication
May 17, 1936
from Facebook post by St. Henry
Both of the old churches were at Garvey and Dixie, but the old church, on the far left, faced Garvey; the replacement, on the far right, faced Dixie.
Rev. Paul Ryan's history of St. Henry is here.

Read Pat Hahn's History of St. Henry (pdf) at the Erlanger Historical Society's web site.


St. Henry

Cornerstone laying. Note the old church in the back on the right, facing Garvey, which was dedicated in 1903.

St. Henry St. Henry St. Henry

Parade of November 3, 1935, in honor of the setting of the cornerstone of St. Henry's. from Facebook posts by St. Henry
That's the Newport Band in the second image.


Elsmere, Kentucky Buffington Depot Buffington Depot

The Ke-O-Me-Zu Springs
Buffington, Ky
Why is this on the Elsmere page?

The Buffington Depot
The Erlanger Historical Society has more at their site.


Garvey Avenue

Garvey Avenue, looking northwest
The current bridge is from 1949, and replaced this one.
From a Facebook post by Laura Hartman Roland


Elsmere, Kentucky Elsmere, Kentucky
Moss Homes
812-814 Garvey
Elsmere Baptist
 Church, c. 1980


Billy Bradford
Northern Kentucky's first African-American Mayor
More about him is at the Kentucky Tribune's site.


Porterfield Porterfield
  Elsmere's Rosella Porterfield Park is named for a lady you can read more about at this site, and here. (pdf) and here.


Debate Team

The 1928 Elsmere Girls Debate Team


The Tornado of July 7, 1915 hit the Erlanger Elsmere area hard:

Elsmere, Kentucky Elsmere, Kentucky Elsmere, Kentucky

North on Dixie, from
Seven Mile House  

Ruth Home 

Davis Home 

Elsmere, Kentucky Elsmere, Kentucky Elsmere, Kentucky
Gale Home


Hazenbeller Home


Jones Home


Elsmere, Kentucky Elsmere, Kentucky Elsmere, Kentucky
Stephenson Home


Stephenson Home


Westerman Home


Elsmere, Kentucky Elsmere, Kentucky Elsmere, Kentucky
Koettenbrink Home (sp?)  Dauwe Home  Dauwe Home 
The above twelve images are all courtesy of the Boone County Historical Society
and the efforts of Mr. Steve Conrad.  Thanks folks.


Elsmere, Kentucky Elsmere, Kentucky Elsmere, Kentucky
Dauwe Home on Garvey in Elsmere, many years before and after
the tornado of July 7, 1915, at 9:15 p.m.  Scuttlebutt has it that
the bathtub ended up a half mile away on Dixie Highway.  The
Hartford [Ky] Courier, of July 14, 1915, carried a story that said
"Mrs. John Dauie [sp?] was instantly killed and three others of
the family injured.  It is thought the husband is dying."
Elsmere Scene after
 the  July 7, 1915 Tornado

See all the Northern Kentucky 1915 tornado scenes here.


St. Henry's
James and Sarah Lawrence in the 400 block of Garvey.
You'll want to read her story.


Elsmere, Kentucky Fishing and Hunting Club
The U.S.S. Elsmere St. Henry Hunting and Fishing Club, 1950


Did you know Elsmere was named after Elsmere Avenue, a residential street in Norwood, Ohio?  Elsmere was incorporated on May 11, 1896.

  Was "Hardscrabble" an earlier name for Elsmere?  We don't know, but can make an argument that it was. Here.

A brief history of Barnes Methodist, here.


The KKK marches in Elsmere. The program (pdf) for the rededication of Porterfield Park, with a bio of Ms. Porterfield.