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Boundary   Boundary
  The original boundaries, 1838   A corner is lost to Grant County, 1852
  Adjustments in the county line since the county was formed; only one change makes Kenton unusual; most counties have several. Not mapped is a small change to accommodate a private property owner in 1866.


kenton co map map

Covington, 1835

Covington, 1860


map L&N at Independence
Mostly Boone, but some Kenton in this 1866 Railroad Map.
You'll want the key to what all those red lines are.  It's here.
Covington, 1883


Cruiz Creek

Cruiz Creek Railroad Bridge
This is an excerpt of a Civil War map showing block houses built by the US to defend the railroad bridges of the Kentucky Central for being destroyed by the Confederacy. The entire map consists of insets of most of the town from Benton (the town of Kenton) to Lexington, and is on the NKYViews Map Page.


Philadelphia's D. J. Lake Company put out atlases for hundred of counties in the US in the 1870's and 1880's. These are the Kenton pages from their Atlas of Boone, Kenton and Campbell of 1883. Three Counties
Precincts overview
Central Covington Main Covington Independence Koch's Precinct
Central Covington Main Covington Independence Koch's Precinct
Ludlow Rush's Scott's South Covington
Ludlow Rush's Precinct Scott's Precinct South Covington
Stephenson's West Covington Patrons Patrons
Stephenson's Precinct West Covington Patrons, Part 1 Patrons, Part 2


kenton co map

kenton co map

Ludlow / West
Covington, 1884
Covington, 1884 (the dashed
line is a "Horse Railway Line")
Kenton County, 1889


This exceptionally detailed map of a small portion of Covington is from 1886 is a Sanborn Fire Map. They were originally created to assist insurance companies to assess risk for underwriting fire insurance, hence “fire maps.” We've downloaded this single page from the Library of Congress' site for Sanborns. This map is one of ninety-seven (97!) in the Covington-Newport set from 1886. You can download them all in incredible detail. Check back from time to time at their site, to see if they digitize the later sets from 1906 an 1909. Those later sets are available now, in black and white, at the Kenton County Library's site.


kenton co map kenton co map Kenton Map
Topographic Map of
Northern Kenton
County, 1914
This hand-drawn map is by Edith Claire
George, who drew it in 1923 to go with
her history of Covington and Kenton County. 
Read it here(pdf)
Kenton Map, 1923


Map Rennick Map
Northern Kenton, 1930, with some interesting road proposals Structural Map, 1931


map  map kenton co map

Kenton County, 1935
red lines are roads, 
black lines are railroads

Kenton County, 1935
Magisterial District Map from 1940

Covington, 1938. 
Note there's a key to
selected attractions.


This is a set of 7.5 topographic maps of Kenton County from the 1950's.
Covington Newport
Covington (1950) Latonia (1952)
Indendence Alexandria
Independence (1950) Visalia (1953)
Walton DeMossville
Piner (1950) Morning View (1953)


Kentonvale Edgewood Ryland
  Kentonvale What would become Edgewood,
c. 1930, (Not to Scale)
From a Facebook post by Bridget Grady Spears
Ryland, 1946
From a Facebook post by Robert Remley

Rennick Map Ferry Map
Robert Rennick drew this map of the locations
of a number of places in Kenton County which
had post offices at one time or another
A map of the various Northern Kentucky Ohio River Ferries
from the Facebook page of the Behringer-Crawford Museum

map map
Fort Mitchell / Crescent
Springs, 1937
Erlanger / Elsmere, 1937
Not a map, but a photo from astronaut Shane Kimbrough (Wikipedia), of Northern Kentucky. June, 2021.