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Maysville Business Hutchinson's Grocery Sears and A&P
Sapp's Motel St. Charles Hotel
On Front Street, west of Market
Sears, and A&P

Short & Kain Short & Kain Sphar Bricks Works
Short & Kain Blacksmiths and Rubber Tiring
At the corner of Limestone & Second
Makers of Hillside Plows, Smokestacks, Iron Balconies, & Fire Escapes
Sphar Bricks Works
  Sphar Pressed Brick Works
More on Maysville's brick making businesses is at Old Washington's web site.


Slatery and Higgins

Slattery and Higgins, Undertakers
on Lower Market

     Maysville Business Maysville Business
The Standard Oil Company. Read more about The Standard Oil Company here.

“At Maysville, Wednesday night, Sweigert’s distillery was destroyed by fire. Loss, $800. No Insurance.” The Daily Commonwealth, May 9, 1879

Jos. Schatzman & Bro., Cut Glass, Queensware, etc. Schwartz & Son, Fresh & Smoked Meats Short & Kain, Plow Manufacturers
John T. Smith, Cigar Company Southern Cigar Manufacturing Company, Power & Dalton, props.
  J. A. Simpson, Practical Optician  

Maysville Business Maysville Business Isaac Thomas
O. H. P. Thomas & Co., O. H. P. Thomas   Isaac Thomas made pottery in Maysville. This one's 1837
Read more about O. H. P. Thomas here.


Maysville Business Tunes
Elmer Tincher Tunes Ready to Wear
22 W. 2nd Street

Trayser Piano-forte Company incorporates, 1873

Maysville Business new
Traxel's Bread Wagon, Maysville
Eat Traxel's Bread, Ice Cream Manufacturers, Phone No. 11
An item on Traxel's from 1935 is here.
Mr. Joe Trisler and Hayes Storer,
in front of Trisler's Store at
617 E. Second Street
from a Facebook post by John Henderson

Charles W. Traxel & Co., Fine Jewelry

Vance's Interior Vance's Interior Vance's
Vance's Interior, Dan Ryan behind the counter
from a Facebook post by Jim Rannes
Vance's, 1937
from a Facebook post by Duke Ford
from a Facebook post by Janie McDonald Herzog
Vance's was at 2nd and Stanley Reed  


Gallipolis (Ohio) Journal, June 17, 1852

Union Oil
Union Oil
key to names

T. R. Valentine, Staple and Fancy Groceries

Wald and Center Maysville Business Maysville Business Maysville Business Wald's

Walds and Center Street
from a Facebook post by Jim Rannes

Wald Manufacturing Plant, 1953
They made bicycle parts.  That's founder Ewald Pawcet, company founder in the inset. The story that ran with this picture is here.

A Wald Invoice, front and back Walds

Wald Parade Wald Parade
The Wald Bicycle Parade. Note a rare “triple” in the 1958 photo on the right.


White Light

White Light

Bob Hendrickson writes about the White Light


Hutchinson's Grocery Weis Packing Weis' Maysville Business
Wallace's Restaurant
Market and Front
Weis Packing
right, 1937 From a Facebook post by Lisa Collins
J. J. Wood & Sons Drugstore
      Read more about J. J.
Wood & Sons here.


James Wormald's Hat Shop on the left, Eagle Shoe Store in the center, and Joseph P. Dessar's Men's Clothing Store in the right. Scene is on the north side of Second, at the west corner of Market. c. 1880's.

Mason Line

Miss Bessie Wells, Artistic Millinery Emil Weis, Meat Dealer White Hall Hotel, Mrs. M. L. Gleason, Prop.
The White Place, Brisbois & Diener W. W. Wikoff, C & O Railroad Agent Clarence L. Wood, Real Estate, Insurance
W. A. Wood & Bro., All Kinds
of Fresh Meats

Mason Line

Caron's 1913-1914 City Directory lists all of Maysville's businesses, sorted by business type (pdf).
“The Union Coal Oil Company‘s refinery, at Maysville, Ky., was partially destroyed by fire this afternoon.  Loss heavy in oil; insurance unknown.”   New York Times, July 18, 1866 Then there was the guy that tried to start a nitroglycerin factory in Maysville. Details. Followed closely by this law from the Kentucky Legislature.
“Jan. 30 - Maysville was visited to-day by the most destructive fire in the history of the city.  The Washington Opera House and the Mason County Library Building, full of rare books and historic relics, were burned, and a number of business houses were more or less damaged.  The total loss will approximate $50,000.”  from the New York Times of January 31, 1898 In 1872, bad weather could mean you didn't eat. Details.
“The Maysville Tribune says that there are thirty-two cigar manufacturers in that district and loud talk of more.” Courier-Journal, November 25, 1875
“The Louisville Courier learns that the hog cholera continues to prevail to an alarming extent along the Kentucky river, and the Ohio as far up as Portsmouth. At a distillery in Gallatin county no less than 400 hogs died in two pens in less than a week. At the Carrollton distillery the deaths among the hogs are fearfully on the increase, and the same fatality prevails in Mason county. The owners of these hogs in most cases “try” them up into what is termed grease, which is sold to the stearine candle makers at about nine cents per pound.” Frank Leslie's Weekly, May 2, 1857. “Maysville, Ky., July 1, 1875.  We the employees of the “Saw Mill,” respectfully challenge you, the employee of the “Planing Mill” for a match game of baseball.  Game to be called Saturday at four o’clock p.m. at such a place as we agree upon.  Signed, Chas. C. Dobyns, For Saw Mill.” Letter in the Maysville Republican, July 3, 1875
An article by an unknown author from 1910 on Maysville businesses is here. Some, not all, Maysville Businesses, listed by the number of men, women, and children they employed in 1917, here.
“Maysville has started a piano factory, and complains of a scarcity of dwelling houses for working men.”  Courier-Journal, August 16, 1870 from The Spirit of A Greater Maysville and Mason County, 1935, the Prologue and the Shining Glory.

Mason Line